(Late) Fitness Friday: Half-Marathon Training Week 6

I moved some stuff around in my schedule this week. My rest day ended up being Wednesday, I did some resistance and strength training on Friday and did my long run today. I should be back to normal next week. Tomorrow I have the Oshkosh 5k and I went to the race expo today. It was my first one and I bought a pair of compression socks. My calves have been really sore after running, so I figured they would be a good investment.

Monday: 3.11 mile run. This was a hard run. It was cold and windy and rainy. It sucked big time.

Tuesday: 4.11miles. Not as bad as Monday, but definitely not good.

Wednesday: Rest day. And hello monthly visitor. No wonder my runs at the beginning of the week sucked.

Thursday: 3miles on the treadmill. I didn’t have a fan or a towel. I was sweaty buckets. And my GPS watch wouldn’t sync with my foot pod. BOO!

Friday: Cross-training. I bought a resistance tube and some stretch bands to work on flexibility. I also wanted to use the stretch bands after my runs to stretch my hamstrings.

Saturday: 9.22m run. I ran on a trail. 4.5 miles on way, 4.5 miles back. Before I headed out, I ate half a Clif Bar and mixed some C4 Extreme powder into some water. I took a Clif chocolate gel with me and some energy beans (I was able to put them in my little pouch/fanny pack. It also held my phone and car key!) I ate my gel when I turned around and it was so good. I had never had one before. After my run, I finished my energy beans. And downed some chocolate milk. Here are some pictures from my run today.

There were these little inspirations on the road!

Paved trail. This was all on the way back.

Then it turned to gravel-ish trail.

Oh heeey, it’s just me running.

Pace Yourself.

Yum, energy beans at the end!

My new little pouch worked out well, although it sort of sad awkward on my hips. I might have to tighten it. And I need to get my watch to sync! I used the stopwatch feature instead for today.

Are you racing this weekend?

Do you run on trails or on the road?

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