Festival Foods Turkey Trot Race Recap

I ran in the Festival Food Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving day 2012 in Green Bay.

The Turkey Trot is sponsored by Festival Foods and is put in in multiple locations around Wisconsin (Appleton, Green Bay, LaCrosse, Eau Claire, Fond du Lac, Marshfield, Oshkosh, and Manitowoc). Last year I ran walked in the one in Menasha, which was changed to Appleton this year.

I signed up to run the 5 mile, along with Ryan, his sister and her husband. My sister did the 2 mile. We got to the race in plenty of time to walk to warm up, use the porta-potty and get to the start. It was quite warm that morning with just a little wind. I wore a long sleeve shirt, long sleeve zipper-up and pants and was rather warm. What started off as a really frustrating race ended very well. FORESHADOWING!!!

My time goal was 45 minutes. That seemed like a very reasonable time. We all started near the back of the pack and definitely paid for it the first mile or so. I had to dodge and come to a complete stop for walkers and dogs and kids. It was very frustrating. Ryan ran away and so did Trisha and Jesse. I caught up with Ryan eventually and passed him and then spotted Jesse and Trisha a little ways ahead.

About the halfway point I felt amazing. I really don’t know what happened but the people parted and I just couldn’t stop. I passed Trisha and Jesse and just ran and ran and going faster and faster. During these fast miles, I thought about what I was thankful for this year. My wonderful family, my amazing boyfriend, his family who has accepted me, going back to school, my health, and just overall happiness.

After running and running, the race was done and I finished in 43:46! Way faster than I anticipated! We regrouped and then headed home. I was very pleased with the results from this race. Another thing to be thankful for that day πŸ™‚

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4 Months

Alright, so I took a 4-month blogging hiatus. Whoops. Don’t ask me what happened, because I really don’t know. Life happened I guess. Let’s catch up quickly.


I met the most wonderful man in July and we started dating in August. This is the best relationship I have been in and I could not be happier. He is supportive, loving, fun, and just amazing all around.

Ryan and I at his sister's wedding

Ryan and I at his sister’s wedding

Ran in the Cheesehead Half Marathon and (of course) it was a hot race. I took 2nd in my age group. Woot Woot!

2nd in Age Group!!

2nd in Age Group!!

Continued to train for the Fox Cities Marathon.
Started school at Fox Valley Tech in the Office Assistant Program.
Got a new (reliable) car!
Caught up with friends from college.


Oh, this was the month of the marathon. I’ll do a race recap, but yeah, I survived and it went really well!

First Marathon in the books!

First Marathon in the books!

I guess that was the big thing in September. Plugged away at school and hung out with Ryan and his friends.


Skipped out on the St. Joe’s 5k because of a downpour.
Started running inside.
More school.


Ran in the Festival Foods Turkey Trot. Did better than expected! Race report to come.
Ran in the Noodleini 15k. Not a good race. Race report to come.
Turned 24. Old woman here.
Started an Internship at a graphic design company.
Ate my way through three Thanksgivings.


Christmas presents bought.
Finished school with flying colors.
Celebrated Ryan’s birthday.
Still running inside.
Started making running goals for next year. Look the f**k out 2013.

So yes, that is the last 4 months in a very quick nutshell. I’ll catch up on race reports and do some other update posts. But I really want to get back into blogging. I really miss it.

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Project 365: Days 167-170

Well, I wasn’t able to fix my memory card, but with the help of a rude Geek Squad member at Best Buy, I was able to get the pictures off my card. So here are the days that I was missing!

Days 167-170

June 16

My sister eating one of the HUGE cupcakes at my cousins birthday.

June 17

My with my aunt and uncles dog at Father’s Day.

June 18

Painted nails!

June 19

Sent this picture to my sister. She LOVES Mustangs.

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Juneathon Day 6: National Running Day

Happy National Running Day! I celebrated by running 7miles. Amazing. My legs were feeling good today, unlike yesterday. My pacing wasn’t the greatest, but overall, a good run.

Mile 1: 9:27
Mile 2: 9:20
Mile 3: 9:21
Mile 4: 9:17
Mile 5: 9:18
Mile 6: 9:11
Mile 7: 9:34

Beautiful Day for running!

National Running Day! Yahoo!!

Decent run. Ready for the Bellin!

Juneathon day 6: 7.07miles. 1:06:11











Because it is National Running Day, I wanted to list the reasons why I fell in love with running.

–Running has given me a lot more self-confidence. If you had told me 5 years ago that I would have ran a half-marathon and am training for a full-marathon when I am 23, I wouldn’t have believed you. I didn’t have a lot of self-confidence back then, but running has helped me believe in myself and my abilities. I KNOW I can run 3miles without a problem. I KNOW I am capable of running 12 miles. And I KNOW that after my training I will be able to conquer 26.2 miles! I’m not afraid to ask questions, try new things, and do things on my own. I want to push myself, see what my body is capable of. Test the limits and then test them further.

–With running and training, I always want to better myself. I want to be faster, stronger, have good pacing, get in a good rhythm. I lift weights to build a strong body. A strong body that can carry me distances of 6,9,12+ miles. A strong body that will help me be faster. Not only will bettering myself improve my running, but it improves my quality of every day life. At work, I know I can lift heavy things, be on my feet for hours, and move around with ease because my body is strong and able.

–Runners have their own little community. While running today, I must have passed two dozen runners (and countless bikers, walkers, rollerbladers. We will just focus on the runners), and over half of them either gave me a little wave or said Hi. I will probably never see that person again in my life, but they were friendly enough to say Hi. I find that I’m friendlier when I’m running. I wave and say Hi to people as well. We’re all out there for our own reasons, but we’re all running. A race is the same idea. We all line up at the start with the same goal: cross the finish line. Everyone is full of adrenaline and excitement, that you can’t help but chat with the person standing next to you as you’re waiting for the start.

–Last Tuesday I was having a difficult day. So I took all my anger out on my run. I ran as fast and hard as I could. Getting all my aggression out. And I felt so much better after. I was singing in the car, happy about my run. All my problems melted away for those minutes while running. It felt great. Running, for me, has been a great stress release. If I’m having a problem, worry, bad day, I can look forward to my run and just go all out.

–I used to pay VERY close attention to numbers on the scale. Whatever it said that morning, depicted the rest of my day. It’s not fun living like that. When I started running, I stopped obsessing about those numbers. I started feeding my body what it needed. I want my body to be a well-fueled machine that is capable of anything. Everything in moderation. I weigh myself once, sometimes every other week. Whatever I feel like. I’ve stayed around the same weight for about 6months now. Sure, I would love to weight a little less. But I guess my body is happy right where it is. I don’t want to obsess and fret about one number. The only numbers I want to worry about are PR‘s πŸ™‚

Those are my main reasons for running. I wouldn’t have thought any of that a year ago, but what a difference a year makes. I feel like a whole new (and better) person since I found running. I want to take care of myself and keep myself healthy and strong. Live a long and happy life, one mile at a time πŸ˜€

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Project 365: Days 150-153

Last few photos of May and then we are heading into June! 150 days, wow, that’s a lot. And we aren’t even halfway done with the year yet!

Days 150-153

May 30

Amazing. Almost trump the peanut and peanut butter. I can’t decide which I like more.

May 31

Yay! Subway for lunch!

June 1

Day 1 of Juneathon

June 2

Lazy afternoon with the dogs.

June 2

My sister and I went to the new frozen yogurt place in Green Bay, Smart Cow.

June 2

It was her first time getting frozen yogurt! This was mine, and it was delicious. Strawberry Shortcake frozen yogurt with M&M’s, dark chocolate chips, strawberries, raspberries, and Kit-Kat pieces. We will definitely be going back πŸ™‚

Is there a frozen yogurt bar where you live?

Which M&M flavor is your favorite?

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Juneathon: Day 1

This almost didn’t happen…and it’s only the first day of Juneathon!

Juneathon dude logo

My plan of attack today was to go to work, do some shopping after, and then come home and go on the elliptical. While I was shopping though, my parents called and asked if I wanted to go out to dinner with them. I wasn’t about to turn down a free meal (especially since I really hadn’t gotten a chance to eat all day), so I said yes and met them at Applebee’s.

This posed as a dilemma. It was already 6:00pm. I don’t like working out late at night because then I can’t sleep (I’m most productive after I work out). But, when I got home at 7:45, I still definitely felt like working out. So the elliptical it was!

I bought my first pair of Nike tempo shorts at Dick’s Sporting Goods. I now want them in every color, they are so comfy!

Day 1 of Juneathon complete: 20min elliptical

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Project 365: Days 145-149

Brace yourself for more dog photos. They are just so photogenic. Haha. I can’t believe May is almost over. I know I say this every month, but it just seems like this month flew by. Lots of changes this month. Probably contributed to it going by fast.

Here are days 145-149

May 25

Penny sporting her new Thunder Coat. It’s supposed to relax her and make her not bark. She also looks like a sardine with it on because it’s so tight.

May 26

Freckled Lemonade from Red Robin! My cousin, Amanda, is home for a week so we went out for dinner. Yum!

May 27

Protein shake after running. Chocolate=good.

May 28

I went to the Green Bay Botanical Gardens on Memorial Day. I wasn’t able to stay long because of rain, but I did get to take some pictures.

May 28

May 28

May 28

May 29

Weird art I encountered on the trail while running.

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Cellcom Half-Marathon Recap!!

Sunday Race day!

Sunday morning my alarm was set for 4:45am and I woke up so nervous! I’ve never been nervous for any of my other races, although this race was 10 miles longer than all my previous races. I was ready to go by 5:15, so I left. Good thing I did because on the way I was still a little hungry, even after my Clif Bar, so I stopped at Festival Foods and bought a banana.

I arrived in Green Bay at 5:50, parked, and walked to Lambeau Field. By this time, it was almost 70 degrees. There was water for people to drink and some bagels and fruit too. I stretched and just stayed relaxed. I had done my training, I tapered last week. I ate normally. Drank fluids Saturday. I knew I was ready.

I migrated to the starting area around 6:40. There weren’t corrals, just signs posted with paces on them. I lined up between the 9:00-10:00 minute mile signs.

The gun went off at 7:00am and we slowly waited to cross the starting line. I felt fine when I started running. My nerves had gone away and I was looking forward to the next 13.1 miles.

Because of the heat, I wasn’t aiming for 2hrs anymore. I just wanted to finish safely. My plan was to take water and Gatorade at almost every aid station and whatever food was offered.

The support from the community was wonderful. Almost every part of the course had cheering crowds and that helped tremendously. They stood out in the heat and cheered all the runners on. Awesome. And many homes put out sprinklers and hoses for runners to go under. I went through almost all of them and it sort of gave me a wake up when I was getting warm and tired.

Mile 1- 9:38

Mile 2- 9:49

Mile 3- 9:45

I was feeling good those first 3 miles, haha! We were running around residential parts, so it was pretty flat. I took water at every station but the one at mile 2.

Mile 4-9:46

Mile 5-9:48

Mile 6-9:51

Then miles 4-6 were still pretty flat. I dumped some water on my head at one of the stations, but I was still feeling good.

I knew once I hit mile 6, I only had a little ways until I saw my family. Yay! They were watching at my aunt and uncles house that was along the course. I ran passed them and gave them a wave and felt so good! I needed that then. It was (almost) the halfway point and their cheering helped me keep going. My uncle had a sprinkler and I ran through it and kept going.

The sea of runners

I’m the waving dork in the middle

Although, once we got to mile 6, it was a steady incline until mile 8. Around mile 6, they were handing out orange slices, which were very yummy and appreciated (although I should have grabbed 2 instead of 1). Then at mile 7 there was GU. After my last GU fiasco, I definitely didn’t want the vanilla one, so I got the chocolate. When I went through water stations, I walked or jogged. It only took about 5secs to down the water and I was off again, so I wasn’t too concerned, especially with the heat. I would rather be hydrated and finish than skip water stations and not finish.

Mile 7- 10:22

Mile 8- 10:10

Mile 9- 10:13

A little slow going here. This was the boring part of the race. Mile 7 had quite a few hills, which were hard. But there were lots of spectators along the hilly section and that helped.

And this isΒ  the part of the race where my Nike+ watch decided to stop tracking distance. I’m not sure if it was the heat, the sprinklers I kept going under, or a combination of both. I didn’t notice it until I picked up some speed, but my average pace on my watch was going up and up. Then I noticed that, according to my watch, I wasn’t going anywhere. So I stopped it and then synced it again.

I knew that once I got to mile 10, I had this. Even though it was hot, I had done 5ks before and I just kept telling myself that’s all I had left. That was until my inner thighs started chaffing really badly. I’ve never had problems with chaffing before. I consider myself lucky. I probably wouldn’t have had chaffing problems today either, but I went through all those hoses and sprinklers and when the water dried it made my skin more sticky=more friction=OUCH! So, that sucked, a lot.

(These paces are from the official race website and also from my re-synced watch. They are accurate-ish)

Mile 10-10:05

Mile 11- 9:44 (I have no idea. This is crazy!)

Mile 12- 10:19 (Walked through a water station, VERY HARD MILE!)

Finish- 10:09 (YAHOO!)

Since my watch stopped, I had no idea what mile I was on. Stupid me. Then, I saw mile marker 12 and I got so excited. I was so close! And that last mile was the HARDEST of the whole race. The wind had gone away. Barely any spectators. And no shade covering. I knew I just had to keep going. I could see Lambeau Field in the distance. It was SO CLOSE. I downed some water and ran.

We rounded a corner and entered into the Lambeau parking lot, where the finish line was. Even though that last mile was hard, I was determined to finish strong. The perfect song came on my iPod, I got a huge grin on my face and just ran. I don’t know where the extra energy came from, but it was there and I felt great. The crowd was cheering and clapping. And I crossed the finish line. Fantastic feeling. I fought the heat and miles and beat them both. I am a half-marathoner πŸ™‚

Crossing the Finish Line!

Half-Marathoner πŸ™‚

I got a few pictures taken and then got some water. My parents found me and they took some pictures as well. I had to use the port-a-potty since about mile 8, but was afraid to stop in fear that I wouldn’t start again. Finally, once I was done, I used one in the parking lot and it was a pretty awful experience. I felt worse when I came out than when I went in. I needed more fuel than just water. When I got dehydrated in February, I had diarrhea and then passed out. I DID NOT want that to happen. The parking lot was really warm and I needed to get my bag at the bag check and get some Gatorade or food.

I got my bag and felt much better when I got out of the sun and continued walking. After we got my bag, we started to leave to go get some breakfast. Perkins was our breakfast destination. When we got there, I saw on the Cellcom Marathon’s website that the course got closed due to the heat. Out of the 8,000 runners that started the morning, only 3,225 were able to finish before they closed. They were running out of ambulances for all the people that needed help. 22 people ended up going to the hospital.

I’m so glad that I was able to finish. I would have been really disappointed if I wouldn’t have been able to. After watching the weather the past few days, I knew I wasn’t going to make my 2hr goal and that was okay. I knew I had to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate that day and the days leading up to it. Again, I wanted to go slow and finish, than go fast and end up at the hospital.

I know this won’t be my last half-marathon. I still want to break 2 hours! There is a half-marathon I want to do in August to prep for the full marathon in September. Although, after Sunday, I’m quite nervous about signing up for the full. I have some time to think about it. And I probably still will sign up, knowing me πŸ˜›

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Project 365: Days 121-127

The start of May! Almost summer! The weather is getting warmer, but barely. Hopefully it starts to warm up and get nice outside!

Here are days 121-127.

May 1

Frozen lemonade from McDonalds. Amazing. Go. Get one now.

May 2

New micro SD card for my new phone. 16GB’s.

May 2

Penny keeping watch.

May 3

Molly being cute πŸ™‚

May 3


May 4

A picture of them together. Aww, cuteness.

May 5

Ordered this from Compete Everyday ( I might wear this for my Half-Marathon.

May 5

I ordered these wristbands from Compete Everyday as well.

May 5

My sister’s Prom!

May 6

Rose from my last day of work.

May 7

Cute plush duck I found yesterday while shopping.

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New Job=New Routine

Thursday I had a job interview and I was offered the position. It’s a summer help position at a printing place. Even if it is a dollar less than what I make now at Walmart, it’s closer to my house, guaranteed 40hrs/week, and a stable 8-4:30 schedule Monday-Friday. So I said good-bye to Walmart on Thursday after working there for 2 years and 9 months. I’m taking this next week off of work to get things settled and then my new job starts onΒ  May 14th.

Now that I’ll be working steady set hours, I’m going to have to switch my runs from the morning to the afternoon when I’m done working. I know I could get up ridiculously early and run on the treadmill or brave the scary roads. But I would much rather run after work. When I was in college, I used to always work out after class because my classes were at 8-9am. So hopefully my new running routine works out.

Also, now I should be able to eat a little better. How does getting a new job help you eat better? Well, at Walmart I usually worked 11-8 with an hour lunch at 3. Most days I would eat breakfast, run, post-run snack, go to work, break #1 snack, lunch, break #2 snack, and go home. At 8pm, I was never hungry for dinner. Now I’m hoping to eat breakfast, have a light lunch at work, run, and eat dinner. Crazy!

So this is all very exciting. I’ve been looking for a new job since last summer. Hopefully this one will be a lot less stressful than Walmart.

What time of day do you run?

Do you eat three meals a day?

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