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Sweaty Saturday’s- Fast Times

I’m going to start documenting my weekly work outs here on Saturday’s. Obviously, because it is the last day of the week.

Last week was not a good running week. With my monthly visitor approaching, my runs were less than stellar. Going into this week, I definitely wanted to take things slower and enjoy my runs. Well, needless to say, my runs this week were 110% better and FASTER than last week.

Sunday: I lifted weights in my room because I was baking Christmas candy with Ryan’s family all day.

Monday: 5 miles at 9:30 pace. First day of Christmas break and this run felt really good.

Tuesday: 5.5 miles at 9:43 pace. I was going to 6, but stopped short at 5. Oh well.

Wednesday: 4 miles at 9:22 pace. I did 2 miles running, then 20 minutes on the elliptical, then 2 more miles running. Let’s just say my legs were DYING!

Thursday: 5 miles at 9:18 pace.

Friday: 3.1 miles at 8:46 pace. This was my first attempt at speedwork and it went really well! I did 6 x 800’s and in between 800’s I did 10 push-ups (regular, wall, incline), 30 crunches (standard, stability ball), 20 squats (regular, weighted). It was a lot of fun and I hope to incorporate that once a week!

Saturday: 2.5 miles at 8:54 pace. I just ran and increased the speed every half mile. Did some weights before and after.

Weekly miles: 25

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Seriously, maybe I should just plan injury into my training plans. This is just getting ridiculous. At least this time it’s not my knee (although then it might be an easier fix).

Monday: I had scheduled 4miles. I went to my normal spot and started out. I felt okay the first mile, but then mile 2 started and my shin started to hurt. Bad, bad, bad. I ended up walking back and ending my run.

Tuesday: 7miles scheduled, but I wasn’t sure if I could run them. So I planned on testing out the first mile and see. Yep, stupid shins. So I quickly scheduled a chiropractor appointment because he helped my knees and then I went to Runaway Shoes and purchased some expensive awesome compression socks. I iced and compressed like a motherf’ker last night.

Wednesday: I wore my less expensive awesome compression socks to work today. Fashion diva here. And then went to the chiropractor where he tortured my shins (because, you know, I have shin splints). Went to the YMCA instead of running and even the bike hurt. So I did LOTS of weights. Taking out my aggression.

My plan for the rest of the week:
Thursday-rest. I have an appointment tomorrow after work and I’m going to just come home and rest, compress, and ice, ice, baby. It’ll be a grand time.
Friday- Day off of work, so I might go the YMCA early in the day because I have things to do in the afternoon. We’ll see how the rest day goes tomorrow.
Saturday- Sad to say, but I probably won’t be going to my running group. YMCA is again on the plan. Though there is a trail that runs right in front of the Y, so, if I’m brave, I may try out my shin on there.
Next week- All next week I’ll be up north. I plan on bringing my running clothes, but if my shin isn’t better, I’m going to walk a ring around the lake. Walk, walk, walk. Stretch, stretch, stretch.

So that’s the plan. I’m really frustrated because my training was going so well, but I’m doing everything I can right now to get back in the game.

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June Summary/July Goals

June was a pretty successful month. Juneathon, friends, running. It had it all! Let’s see if I accomplished any of my goals for the month and make some new goals for July!

June Goals:

–Juneathon: Accomplished. I worked out every day, logged it, and blogged about it. I tried new things and I feel a lot better with my body.

–More strength training: I would consider this accomplished. Going to the YMCA helped me with this. I was able to use different machines there and use heavier weights there too. Welcome back, strength training ­čÖé

–Running Group: Accomplished. I met with them every Saturday (except the Saturday of the Bellin Run). I also went to one of their fun runs and to the monthly meeting. Everyone in this group is so positive and encouraging.

–Sign up for the Fox Cities Marathon and one other race on my schedule: Big time accomplished! I was able to sign up for the Fox Cities Marathon at a discounted rate at the Bellin Run race expo and I signed up for the rest of my races this summer.

–Go to the YMCA and take a spinning class: Sort of accomplished. I joined the YMCA, but I didn’t take a spinning class. I usually go to the Y on Friday’s and there aren’t classes offered on Friday’s. But I usually make an attempt to get on the bike while I’m there.

–Take more pictures: Accomplished. I managed to get to the Appleton Botanical Gardens and I took more pictures family functions this month and when I hung out with my friends.

–Visit one friend: ACCOMPLISHED!! I visited my friend, Tom, in Madison last weekend. And this weekend I was able to see him again, along with my other friend, Ella! Yay! Those were two of the best weekends and I hope I am able to to more stuff with them the rest of the summer.

–Finish one book: Epic fail. It’s really hard for me to read anymore because I don’t get any breaks at my job. At Walmart, I used to read on both of my 15min breaks and during my hour lunch. But now I really don’t have time when I get home because I have other things I want to get done.

June Summary:

–Ran in the Bellin Run! It was a lot of fun, despite the heat.

–Got new hours at work. 7am-3pm. It’s nice to get done an hour earlier, but getting up at 5:30am sucks sometimes.

–Started watching the new Dallas series. So far, so good!

–After seeing my uncles Ironman tattoo, I started thinking about maybe doing a triathlon in the future.

–I started taking three more multi-vitamins and I feel awesome.

July Goals:

–Take a spinning class this month: Maybe I can accomplish this goal in July

–Keep going to my running group: I would like to get some friends in my group. That was one of the reasons I joined was to make running friends.

–Get my school stuff straightened out: Look at my schedule, do my FAFSA, lame stuff.

–Keep visiting friends: I hope I can continue to see my friends and maybe see my cousin this month too!

–Start thinking of where I could work once school starts: ugh

–Attempt some speed work into my training

–Write out my schedule for the upcoming week on Sunday night

–Continue to keep up on blogging: with Juneathon, I had to blog once a day. It was hard some days, but not impossible. I don’t want to blog every day, but at least three times/week.

This month my family and I are going up north for a week, so I’m not sure how many of these I will be able to accomplish, but we will see!!

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Juneathon 2012 Recap

Juneathon 2012 is done. And now I know why it’s called JuneATHON.

Going into Juneathon, I thought it wasn’t going to be too hard to work out every day. I had worked out pretty much every day in college, so what would be different? Well, working a 40hr/week job is what’s different. Having social obligations plus a job is what’s different. Living 30min away from the gym instead of 2min is different. So, needless-to-say, this month was sometimes harder than I thought.

The days that I had running scheduled were easy. I packed my bag and went to the trail in DePere and ran my scheduled miles. Or on Saturday’s I met with my running group. Sunday’s were also pretty easy because I was at home and lifted weights in the morning.

The days that were usually the hardest were Thursday’s because I have an appointment right after work that lasts usually an hour. I made this appointment for Thursday’s because that is my rest day. Well, for Juneathon, there are no rest days. So I usually went home and lifted weights or went to the YMCA. If I missed a run on either Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, I would run it on Thursday’s (which happened twice).

There were also three days that I just did crunches. I do crunches every day, so I felt like I was cheating a little, but at least I did something!

Pro’s about Juneathon-

–I joined the YMCA and got back into strength training. Near the end of my half-marathon training, strength training sort of fell my the wayside. So I’m really happy that I was able to get to the Y and do some strength training and try out different machines.

–I was worried that working out every day would leave me injured. I already going to the chiropractor for my knees and that’s when I take rest days! But I didn’t get injured at all and actually felt really good! I’m not scared to add a running day if I want or do strength training at the YMCA on a rest day.

–Fuel. Fuel. Fuel. Juneathon some days left me exhausted. I started drinking a protein shake for breakfast because I got so hungry right when I got into work. I tried to keep myself properly fueled so I wouldn’t die out in the middle of the day. It was especially important on days I went to the YMCA or on my long runs. I always made a double batch of my protein shake and had half before and the rest after my workout.

Con’s about Juneathon-

–Like I said above, some days (here, here, and here) it was hard to get a work out in. There were also two days (here and here) where lift seemed to get in the way and I had to squeeze a work out in.

That is really the only con I can think of! Even though some days were challenging, for the most part, I really enjoyed Juneathon. It made me work out somehow everyday. It made me try new things and I think I will try and work out every day unless something comes up!

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Juneathon Day 28

My job asked me if I could switch my hours from 8am-4pm and come in instead from 7am-3pm. This has been the first week of getting up at 5:30am and that hour of sleep definitely makes a difference!

Yesterday I had my normal Thursday appointment after work and then my sister and I planned on going to the YMCA. I texted her before I got home and she asked if her boyfriend and one of her friends could come. It didn’t matter to me, but we had to pick them up.

Long story short, we didn’t end up getting to the YMCA until 6:20pm. Normally this wouldn’t matter, but when I have to go to bed now at 10:30pm, it does.

My sister and her clan went off and did their own thing. I lifted some weights (curls, kickbacks, squats, overhead presses). I used a body ball and a medicine for some core work. Then I did the Sci-Fit again for 12:00min of torture on my arms. Back to weights for a little while. Did the stair climber for 15min. More weights. And I finished with the bike for 4miles. I didn’t want to stay on anything for too long because I wanted to get upper and lower body worked.

We left at 8pm, got some Subway (I only ate half of my 6in sub. Not hungry), and arrived back home around 8:45. I ended up going to bed around 11pm and I can certainly tell this morning!

Juneathon Day 28: YMCA. 1hr 40min.

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Juneathon Day 22: Lots of Different Things

Today my sister and I headed to the YMCA. I would love if this becomes a weekly trip for us. It’s usually never THAT busy there on a Friday afternoon. And I like spending time with my sister.

I already had decided on doing my little gym triathlon: rowing, biking, running. I first did 15min on the rowing machine. My arms are probably going to be SORE tomorrow! Then I got on the bike and went for 9miles. And I was able to watch an episode of FRIENDS! Yay! Last was running and I used my Nike+ foot sensor and it actually worked for once…until it fell out of my shoelaces. Awkward. So I only did 2miles, which is okay because I’m running again tomorrow. My whole gym triathlon took about an hour and 10 min. It was really fun because I worked my whole body. Upper body with rowing, lower body with biking, and my whole body overall plus cardio with running.

After I got done with that, I tried out the Sci-Fit. Works the arms like CRAZY! Holy cow. That was an intense 10min. Then I did some weight machines for my legs and stretched while my sister finished up.

I got to thinking today about how crappy I always feel after work. I’m tired. Mentally drained. No energy. But once I get my work out clothes on and either get to my running spot or to the Y, I’m ready to go. The work day is out of my mind and I’m focused on my run or whatever I’m doing in the gym. And, of course, I feel FANTASTIC after. I always sing in the car on my way home and I’m just so much more happy when I’m done. Best. Feeling. Ever ­čÖé

Juneathon Day 22: 15min rowing machine. 40min biking (9miles). 17min running (2miles). 10min sci-fit. 20min weights/stretching.

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Thinking of Something to TRI in the Future

And by thinking, I mean fleeting thoughts that cross my mind about once a day. And the thing I want to TRI would be a Triathlon. Yep, yep ­čÖé

It all started this past Saturday when my family was at my youngest cousins 1st birthday party. His dad (my uncle) had the Ironman symbol tattooed on his calf (the M-Dot, not the superhero). I knew he did triathlons before my cousin was born, but I hadn’t realized he did an Ironman! Wow! He just acquired huge cool points in my book. I was going to talk to him about it, but he was a little busy with the party.

So that got all my thoughts going on Triathlons. Obviously not this year, seeing I’m training for the Marathon. But I could see next year after I’m done with school.

Last week when I went to the YMCA, I went on the spin bike for 5.5miles. Although my butt was hurting, it wasn’t that bad. Clearly I can do the running portion of it. The only problem would be the swimming. I can tread water. I took swimming lessons when I was little. But applying what I learned in swimming lessons to actual swimming is something I’ve never done.

There are a few Triathlons in Wisconsin. The High Cliff Triathlon was this past weekend, actually. And I found one that takes place near the cottage my family rents in the summer.

The next time I go to the YMCA (probably Friday), I want to do the rowing machine for 15-20min, cycle for 12miles, and run for 3-6miles (even though I despise slogging on the treadmill). Have my own little gym triathlon. I figure it’s also a good way to work my whole body.

So yes, those are the thoughts that have been swimming (haha, lame) in my head lately. And I’m so punny from lack of sleep. Your welcome ­čÖé

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Juneathon Day 17

Just a weight work out today. The normal squats, curls, triceps, lunges, core work.

I wanted to watch a TV show on Netflix while I was working out. When the episode was over, I’d be done. I picked Drop Dead Diva. Best move ever. The episode was 45min, so that’s how long I lifted for. And the show was really good! Win, win.

Do you watch anything while you lift weights (if you lift at home)?

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Juneathon Day 15: YMCA!

I joined the YMCA for the summer yesterday! Yay! I’m so excited! We went there yesterday and I paid the $80 for 90 days. I would like to go there on either Thursdays or Fridays and lift weights and use the other cardio machines there.

Yesterday, my sister and I started with dumbbells. I did some squats, overhead presses, bicep curls, tricep kickbacks, raises, rows, and some core work. It’s easier for me to get a better workout there than at home because I only own up to 10lb dumbbells. Obviously there, they have a ton more options. We then went over to the weight machines and I did some leg work. These machines are great because they keep count and time.

My sister wanted to run after we were done, so she did that and I used my favorite elliptical EVER! The Cybex 750AT. I used this in college EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. It was awesome to use it again. 30min on there. I hopped on the rowing machine for 5min while my sister was finishing running and then I stretched.


I felt so great after! I had a crabby day at work and working out made the difference.

Juneathon Day 15: 30min Strength training. 30min elliptical. 5min rowing. 5min stretching.

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Juneathon Day 14

Today wasn’t a very exciting work out. It’s my rest day from running so I did some strength training. Bicep curls, tricep kick backs, squats, weighted squats, crunches, overhead press. Blah, blah, blah. It took about 30min.

Tomorrow will hopefully be more exciting. I’m going to the Y again with my sister!

Juneathon day 14: strength training 30min

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