Juneathon Day 12: Trying New Things

This has been a great week so far. I had a good weekend, and I didn’t have to go to work yesterday or today. It’s been awesome 🙂

I did my scheduled run this morning. A 5mile pace run. It went so well. So much better than yesterday. I didn’t feel sluggish and the pace I was doing at the end was comfortably hard.

Mile 1: 9:19

Mile 2: 9:12

Mile 3: 9:09

Mile 4: 9:02

Mile 5: 8:35






Since I had today off, and I had nothing planned, my sister and I made a date to go to the YMCA! She goes all the time with her friend and sometimes by herself, but I’ve never been there. I had to pay a $10 day fee, or, if I think I will go there more this summer, I can pay $80 for 90 days. I’m tempted to do that.

We started off with dumbbells. I did some squats, rows, and overhead presses. We also worked with a medicine ball. Then we tried out the rowing machine, which I liked a lot (but I have a feeling I’m going to be sore tomorrow!) We moved onto the stationary bike for 20min and I like that a lot. My legs were really feeling it. My sister wanted to run, but I had already ran today, so I went on the stair climber. I liked that as well. We finished with some weight machines.

I really enjoyed going there today! I wasn’t sure if it would be weird or anything, but it was a really great atmosphere and all the staff seemed really friendly. They have my favorite elliptical there and that might just be a good reason to get the summer membership.

Juneathon Day 12: 5.06mile run (45:47)  YMCA 1.5 hours

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Planning and Pondering

My half-marathon is done (sadness) and summer is approaching. So I’ve been looking up races for the rest of the year. “But Kayla, it’s only May.” Yes, but I’m a planner, organizer, and obsessive list maker, I shall plan out the rest of my year now!

After looking up races in Wisconsin and wanting to do them ALL, I’ve decided on focusing on broadening my racing distances. So far, I’ve only done two race distances, 5k and Half-Marathon. The rest of the year I want to do other distances:10k, 5m, 10m, marathon, 15k. And it just so happens I’ve found races in the remaining year to cover all those distances! How convenient 😛

My next race is the Bellin 10k on June 9th. I’m looking forward to this race a lot. There are 14,000 people registered so far. It’s going to be great.

Many of the races during the summer were 5k’s. I enjoy running 5k’s because they are fast. I don’t really like running 3 miles in training, but in racing it’s just fast and fun. In July there are two 5k’s I want to do. The Fox Firecracker 5k on July 4th and the Packers 5k on July 28th. The Packers 5k I want to run with my sister. The last part of the race is ran through Lambeau Field and it’s a night race. I think it would be a fun one to do with her.

In August there is another 5k, the Pacesetters XC. It’s another night run through a park in Oshkosh. The Pacesetters running group also puts on a Half-Marathon in August, the Cheesehead Run. I want to do that one to get ready for my Marathon in September.

Oh, yeah, September I’m definitely running the Fox Cities Marathon. I’m not scared. I can do this. I battled the heat during my Half-Marathon and through my training I’ve become such a stronger runner and stronger person. I’m definitely doing the Marathon. I’m going back to school in the fall, the Marathon will be my last big race of the year.

I found a 10mile trail run in October. Trail run? Sounds interesting and fun to me! It’s at the Brown County Reforestation Camp.

There are two (maybe three) races in November. World Run Day is November 11th. People sign up online and run whatever length they want. This one is a maybe. Like last year, I want to do the Festival Foods Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving. Only this year I want to run 5m! I will not be injured! The Noodleini is that Sunday and it’s a 15k.

There it is. The rest of the year. 5k’s, a 10k, a Marathon, a 10mile, a 5mile, and a 15k. Am I pumped? Yes. I can’t wait to test out my body, stamina, and strength in these other distances. Sure, I’ve did all these distances in my training, but training and racing aren’t the same. Racing brings so much adrenaline. It brings out a side of myself that is not seen during training. I’ve ran countless 3 mile training runs during my half-marathon training. Where is my 5k PR from? The Oshkosh 5k. That was a great race for me. I PR’d by 2 minutes and just felt awesome the entire time. Do I feel that way during my training 3 mile runs? Usually not. Thus the reason for picking these different racing distances for the end of this year.

Next year (yes, next year), I would love to do the Cellcom Green Bay Marathon again, but also dabble in some farther distances. The Green Bay Running Club puts on a 6hour/8hour Ultra Marathon in June. Runners get 6 or 8 hours to complete as many miles as they can. Intriguing. It is also a green event (meaning runners have to bring their own water bottle to fill up at water stations), which is always a plus in my book. This is one event I would like to check out. Also, in October, there is another Ultra Marathon that takes place in Door County, The Fall 50. It’s either a solo run or a relay. This sounds like a great challenge. And all the pictures on their website show everyone pretty happy and having a good time. Next year is still a long ways off, these are just races I’ve been bouncing around in my head.

This has been my planning and pondering since my half-marathon. I’m pretty excited for the rest of the year. I get paid tomorrow, so I would like to sign up for another race on my list. Yay!

How far in advance do you plan races?

Have you done any ultra marathons?

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Cellcom Half-Marathon Recap!!

Sunday Race day!

Sunday morning my alarm was set for 4:45am and I woke up so nervous! I’ve never been nervous for any of my other races, although this race was 10 miles longer than all my previous races. I was ready to go by 5:15, so I left. Good thing I did because on the way I was still a little hungry, even after my Clif Bar, so I stopped at Festival Foods and bought a banana.

I arrived in Green Bay at 5:50, parked, and walked to Lambeau Field. By this time, it was almost 70 degrees. There was water for people to drink and some bagels and fruit too. I stretched and just stayed relaxed. I had done my training, I tapered last week. I ate normally. Drank fluids Saturday. I knew I was ready.

I migrated to the starting area around 6:40. There weren’t corrals, just signs posted with paces on them. I lined up between the 9:00-10:00 minute mile signs.

The gun went off at 7:00am and we slowly waited to cross the starting line. I felt fine when I started running. My nerves had gone away and I was looking forward to the next 13.1 miles.

Because of the heat, I wasn’t aiming for 2hrs anymore. I just wanted to finish safely. My plan was to take water and Gatorade at almost every aid station and whatever food was offered.

The support from the community was wonderful. Almost every part of the course had cheering crowds and that helped tremendously. They stood out in the heat and cheered all the runners on. Awesome. And many homes put out sprinklers and hoses for runners to go under. I went through almost all of them and it sort of gave me a wake up when I was getting warm and tired.

Mile 1- 9:38

Mile 2- 9:49

Mile 3- 9:45

I was feeling good those first 3 miles, haha! We were running around residential parts, so it was pretty flat. I took water at every station but the one at mile 2.

Mile 4-9:46

Mile 5-9:48

Mile 6-9:51

Then miles 4-6 were still pretty flat. I dumped some water on my head at one of the stations, but I was still feeling good.

I knew once I hit mile 6, I only had a little ways until I saw my family. Yay! They were watching at my aunt and uncles house that was along the course. I ran passed them and gave them a wave and felt so good! I needed that then. It was (almost) the halfway point and their cheering helped me keep going. My uncle had a sprinkler and I ran through it and kept going.

The sea of runners

I’m the waving dork in the middle

Although, once we got to mile 6, it was a steady incline until mile 8. Around mile 6, they were handing out orange slices, which were very yummy and appreciated (although I should have grabbed 2 instead of 1). Then at mile 7 there was GU. After my last GU fiasco, I definitely didn’t want the vanilla one, so I got the chocolate. When I went through water stations, I walked or jogged. It only took about 5secs to down the water and I was off again, so I wasn’t too concerned, especially with the heat. I would rather be hydrated and finish than skip water stations and not finish.

Mile 7- 10:22

Mile 8- 10:10

Mile 9- 10:13

A little slow going here. This was the boring part of the race. Mile 7 had quite a few hills, which were hard. But there were lots of spectators along the hilly section and that helped.

And this is  the part of the race where my Nike+ watch decided to stop tracking distance. I’m not sure if it was the heat, the sprinklers I kept going under, or a combination of both. I didn’t notice it until I picked up some speed, but my average pace on my watch was going up and up. Then I noticed that, according to my watch, I wasn’t going anywhere. So I stopped it and then synced it again.

I knew that once I got to mile 10, I had this. Even though it was hot, I had done 5ks before and I just kept telling myself that’s all I had left. That was until my inner thighs started chaffing really badly. I’ve never had problems with chaffing before. I consider myself lucky. I probably wouldn’t have had chaffing problems today either, but I went through all those hoses and sprinklers and when the water dried it made my skin more sticky=more friction=OUCH! So, that sucked, a lot.

(These paces are from the official race website and also from my re-synced watch. They are accurate-ish)

Mile 10-10:05

Mile 11- 9:44 (I have no idea. This is crazy!)

Mile 12- 10:19 (Walked through a water station, VERY HARD MILE!)

Finish- 10:09 (YAHOO!)

Since my watch stopped, I had no idea what mile I was on. Stupid me. Then, I saw mile marker 12 and I got so excited. I was so close! And that last mile was the HARDEST of the whole race. The wind had gone away. Barely any spectators. And no shade covering. I knew I just had to keep going. I could see Lambeau Field in the distance. It was SO CLOSE. I downed some water and ran.

We rounded a corner and entered into the Lambeau parking lot, where the finish line was. Even though that last mile was hard, I was determined to finish strong. The perfect song came on my iPod, I got a huge grin on my face and just ran. I don’t know where the extra energy came from, but it was there and I felt great. The crowd was cheering and clapping. And I crossed the finish line. Fantastic feeling. I fought the heat and miles and beat them both. I am a half-marathoner 🙂

Crossing the Finish Line!

Half-Marathoner 🙂

I got a few pictures taken and then got some water. My parents found me and they took some pictures as well. I had to use the port-a-potty since about mile 8, but was afraid to stop in fear that I wouldn’t start again. Finally, once I was done, I used one in the parking lot and it was a pretty awful experience. I felt worse when I came out than when I went in. I needed more fuel than just water. When I got dehydrated in February, I had diarrhea and then passed out. I DID NOT want that to happen. The parking lot was really warm and I needed to get my bag at the bag check and get some Gatorade or food.

I got my bag and felt much better when I got out of the sun and continued walking. After we got my bag, we started to leave to go get some breakfast. Perkins was our breakfast destination. When we got there, I saw on the Cellcom Marathon’s website that the course got closed due to the heat. Out of the 8,000 runners that started the morning, only 3,225 were able to finish before they closed. They were running out of ambulances for all the people that needed help. 22 people ended up going to the hospital.

I’m so glad that I was able to finish. I would have been really disappointed if I wouldn’t have been able to. After watching the weather the past few days, I knew I wasn’t going to make my 2hr goal and that was okay. I knew I had to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate that day and the days leading up to it. Again, I wanted to go slow and finish, than go fast and end up at the hospital.

I know this won’t be my last half-marathon. I still want to break 2 hours! There is a half-marathon I want to do in August to prep for the full marathon in September. Although, after Sunday, I’m quite nervous about signing up for the full. I have some time to think about it. And I probably still will sign up, knowing me 😛

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Half-Marathon Weekend!

These are the few days leading up to the Sunday race. I started writing one big post and it got to be a HUGE post. So I decided to break it down and probably post the actual race tomorrow.

I did my taper the week before. Monday I ran 3, Tuesday and Wednesday were 2. Thursday I had some appointments after work, so I didn’t run.

Since Wednesday, the weather for Sunday was supposed to be hot, hot, hot. Saturday was around 90 and Sunday was supposed to only a few degrees less. The race organizers took extra precautions to make more water stations, include cups of ice at some of the stations, and increased medical personnel. They also encouraged anyone who lived along the route to put out sprinklers or hoses so the runners could go under and cool off. People who were planning on running the full marathon could switch to the half marathon on race day and wouldn’t be disqualified.

The race organizers really did everything they could to make the race safe for the runners and did a good job keeping everyone informed about the weather. Every local news show had something about the weather and the race prepping for it. They posted things on their Facebook page about the extra precautions, as well as on their official website.

I went to the expo both days. On Friday I looked around and bought a few things. The expo was located inside the Lambeau Field Atrium. There were about 80 booths and it was quite overwhelming! At the Oshkosh 5k, there were about 15 booths. I was really excited to look around!

Heading into Lambeau

These are the things I bought. I got the shirt with my registration and my bib.

I went to the expo again on Saturday to pick up my bib with my sister and drive the course. She was the navigator (and a very good one!) It helped a lot to drive the course and see where I was going to be running instead of going in blindly. After the expo I got all my things together that I would be taking and laid out my outfit. That night I sat around and watched TV for most of the day. Went to church at night and got to bed at 10pm.

Race Outfit

Race Recap next!

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Project 365: Days 112-120

There are lots of pictures of food in this set. Why, I don’t know. I guess I was just hungry. And more pictures of my dog. I’m sorry if you’re sick of her because she has had her picture taken already about four times, but she’s so cute I can’t help it 🙂

The last few pictures from April!

April 22

Crossing the finish at the Oshkosh 5k. And getting a new PR!

April 23

Van I spotted at work.

April 24

I love me some Peanut M&M’s.

April 25

Penny. So adorable.

April 25

I found mini Clif bars! Awesome. They are perfect right before work!

April 26

Cake and ice cream at work. It was a bad day at work and was just what I needed.

April 26

Leaving work I saw this license plate on a Kia Soul: Soul Dr.

April 27

Lost the ear bud cover on my long run. It sucked.

April 28

I bought this book about 2 weeks again and haven’t looked at it yet. Shame.

April 29

All my tanks in rainbow order.

April 30

Mini Clif Bar! So great!

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19 Days

19 days until my Half-Marathon. Holy Cow. It still seems far away, but so close at the same time.

My runs last week were okay. The 5mile run on Tuesday was decent. Then I attempted to do a pace run on Wednesday by going slow for 0.5 miles, speeding up for the next 2 and then slowing down for the last 0.5. Well, somehow the middle 2 miles were the slowest! Gah. So that sucked.

Friday was my first double-digit run of 10 miles. I had a Clif Bar and my C4 pre-workout drink before I started. My last long run I had a Clif Shot Chocolate Gel and it was super yummy. This run I had a GU Vanilla Bean. Trying out a few different ones to see what I like. I set out and I was immediately hungry. The. Whole. Time. Not fun at all. I couldn’t wait to get to mile 5 (my turnaround) so I could have my gel. Mile 5 came, I stopped and ripped open that gel and it was disgusting. I didn’t like it at all. The Clif Chocolate one tasted like frosting, it was great. This one was awful and that was all I had. So that was disappointing. And of course, I can’t remember for the life of me where I got that Clif Gel. I’ve been racking my brain and I can’t remember.

Besides the disappointing gel, my run was pretty decent. I seemed to have a slow mile followed by a little faster mile. So I am pleased about that run.

Today I was supposed to do 3 miles, but ended up doing 5.12. I felt good the whole time and got into a really good running groove. I kept picturing my half and when I was coming towards the end I really gave a push and finished strong.

Looking at my paces from my Nike+ watch, they are okay. I would still like to finish in or around 2 hours. I went onto the Cellcom Green Bay Half Marathon website and found that they have pace teams. I think I want to try and stick with the 2 hour pace team for the majority of the race. Having people around me going the same pace always helps. Hopefully I will be able to meet the pace leader at the expo on Friday.

Today I was also going to sign up for my next race in June, the Bellin Run 10k. I always thought this race was longer because it’s a pretty big deal in Northeast Wisconsin, but it’s only a 10k. The race is on June 9th, so about 2 weeks after my half. Then probably the next pay day I will sign up for my MARATHON! Crazy.

Which gels do you like, if you use them?

Have you ever ran with a pace team? If so, how did it go?

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Project 365: Days 85-91

As I said in my last Project 365 post, the underlying theme of March is cars and this post still brings that theme home.

The last pictures of March 2012! Whoa.

March 26

My car! I can’t believe I’ve had my car for almost 3 years and I don’t have any pictures of it. For shame.

March 27

Cool sheep.

March 28

My odometer is a palindrome! And because I didn’t get to take a picture of when it rolled over to 100,000, I decided to take a picture of this.

March 28

My Walmart build this gum ball machine to hold these balls. It took almost a day to build, but it’s pretty cool.

March 28

If you don’t watch The Big Bang Theory, you should. It’s hilarious. That is what this poster is from.

March 29

Turtles at PetCo while I was waiting to get crickets for our frog.

March 29

I parked next to this awesome car at work. It was purple and the license plate said RKY MRTN (Ricky Martin). Awesome.

March 30

Leaving work for the WEEKEND! Yay for Friday’s!

March 31

I know what I’ll be doing June 13. Now I have to finish the last 3 seasons of the original show. Readysetgo!

April 1

Finisher Medal from the Run 4 Home 5k

April 1

2nd women in the 20-24 age division 🙂

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Run 4 Home 5k Recap

This weekend got off to a bad start when I started to not feel well at work Friday night. I had to keep blowing my nose and my throat was a little sore. Saturday morning I woke up with a sore throat and a VERY runny nose. Yuck. Lucky for me, all I had was allergy medicine, so a trip to Walgreens was a must in order to get some cold medicine.

It worked out okay though because I had to go pick up my bib at Scheels that morning anyway. It took all of about a minute to get my bib and shirt. Painless. I really wanted to find a long-sleeved shirt or a half-zip sweatshirt for the race on Sunday because I didn’t any cold weather running gear. How unprepared of me. Scheels didn’t really have anything I was looking for (that was in my price range), so we went to Target and I found a half-zip sweatshirt on clearance. Score. We went to Walgreens and then I parked my butt on the couch the rest of the day. I went to sleep at 9:00 and slept like a baby. Thank you night time TheraFlu.

My alarm went off at 6:25am this morning and, surprisingly, I felt great! I ate some applesauce and half a cereal bar, got dressed, and we were out the door by 7:00.

We got to the Fox Cities Stadium and I had to pick up my chip and then we stood around for about an hour. I really wasn’t sure how my knee was going to do because I hadn’t ran on it in a week. I told myself that if it didn’t feel okay, I can always walk. My plan was to start near the back and see how things went.

I’m so glad I bought that headband after work on Friday. My ears would have been so cold without it!

At about 7:45, we all went outside for the National Anthem and then it was time to go to the starting line. The 10k started at 8:00 and the 5k started at 8:10. Everything started right when it was supposed to. After waiting 10min after the 10k started, we were off and running.

I'm at the end of the picture, wearing the capri's.

We started running through the parking lot of the stadium and I took it slow, judging how my knee was going to feel. It was feeling pretty good going out of the parking lot, so I sped up a little and it still felt okay! Yay! We ran behind the stadium and up a hill over the highway. Going back down the hill wasn’t the best, but once that was done, my knees felt great and I really pushed. I passed people and I was feeling so great! My knees weren’t bothering me and I was really cruising. It felt amazing. After not running for a week, I didn’t know how it was going to go.

Over the highway. I'm the last one.

We ran through Fox Valley Tech’s parking lot and there was an aid station. I debated on stopping, but I didn’t. The last part was running over the highway again and the uphill this time was hard. I was actually getting a little warm and I was so glad going downhill this time.

After the hill, we ran back into and around the baseball field and then through the finish line.

Running around the field

Trying to pick up some speed into the home stretch

Almost done!

Finished. I felt so accomplished!

I couldn’t believe I ran the whole thing! It felt so good. I could not have been happier. I got my finisher medal and then ate some food before the awards.

Finisher Medal!

They posted the times and ranking before the awards and I was 122nd overall. My time was 28:55, average pace 9:19. I PR’d from my first 5k! Yes! That made me so happy too!

The awards were promptly at 9:00 and I also took 2nd woman in the 20-24 age group! What?! Now I was on cloud nine. I was just go happy and excited and super accomplished.

2nd Woman in my age division

This race was just awesome overall. I was able to run the whole thing after not having ran for a week, being sick the day before, and having a little bit of bad knees. I took 2nd in my age division. And I PR’d!

After this race, I felt so strong as a person and a runner. I hope that this race is just the beginning of a great racing season ahead!

Did you race this weekend?


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Snap, Crackle, Pop: Wake Up Call for my Bones

Well, it has been a few very trying days. After resting all weekend and having a couple breakdowns on Monday because it still hurt to run, my mom suggested I go to her chiropractor to see if he could fix my knees. I didn’t work out on Monday at all. Sad day. Tuesday I took a walk with Barnaby. And Wednesday was the appointment.

I told them my knee problems (here and here). First, the doctor checked some spots on my body, mainly my back, neck, and knees. He left to go ponder his findings and another doctor checked my blood pressure (low as always) and my lower back. That hurt. The first doctor came back and gave me the report. I can’t believe I was able to run at all after he told me.

  • Tibia’s aren’t aligned right. One is pushed back and the other is pushed toward the inside. Ouch.
  • IT Band is tight. Really tight. It hurt so bad when he was checking it. That is going to suck.
  • Hips aren’t aligned right either, probably from my bad tibia’s.
  • Something in my lower back needs adjusting.
  • I have a lot of tension and stress in my shoulders.
  • Neck needs some adjusting too.

Basically, he said he needs to tighten up my knees and loosen my neck. Fantastic. As long as he can fix me, I really don’t care what he does. Yesterday he started to realign my hips and worked on my knees. That hurt a lot and I was glad I only worked 4.5 hours. I iced my knees when I got home and also after work and they aren’t sore today (thank God).

As far as running goes, I haven’t asked him about it. I go back tomorrow morning, so I will ask then. I will probably have to walk in the race this coming Sunday 😦  But I will have to ask him. Maybe he will approve of some light jogging. I lifted some weights today for my upper body and did 15 min on the elliptical. I didn’t want to push myself too much on there, because I wasn’t sure how my knees were going to feel.

Have you ever gone to the chiropractor?

Is there a part on your body that always gets injured during exercise or any physical activity?

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Fueling Up

Week 2 of my half-marathon training is going well. Although I’ve been having some concerns about fueling and hydration. Last month, I had a little bout with dehydration, and I had to go to the hospital to get fluids in me. It was sudden and I’m not really sure the cause. I did everything normal the day before, and then the next day, I just got sick and dehydrated. I kept drinking water, but it didn’t help and I ended up passing out in the bathroom and Barnaby had to call 911. I really don’t want that to happen when I’m running. Definitely not.

I’ve been reading a lot about hydrating before, during, and after runs. I usually don’t get too thirsty during my runs, mostly after. But today I had a little water before my run and I felt really good during my 3 miles. I know that once I get up into higher mile runs, I will need to get fluid in so I don’t dehydrate and to fuel my body.

I bought some Great Value drink packets that have vitamins and electrolytes and I’m going to drink after my 5 mile run on Saturday. The only thing I’m not sure about is how to get said fluids during training. I really don’t want to buy a hydration belt. I think I might get more annoyed with that than it actually helping. But I don’t know how else to consume fluids while training. Maybe I can just carry a little water bottle with me?

As far as consuming fluids during the actual race, there is Gatorade Endurance Formula and/or water every 1.5 miles and GU at mile 7. With that in mind, I’m thinking taking fluid every 3ish miles; twice water and once the Gatorade. I want to be fueled, but not full of fluid that I can’t run. I should probably buy some of the same kind of Gatorade to test on my runs as well.

It has been really hot lately outside the past few weeks, like low to mid-80’s. Very unusual for March in Wisconsin. Who knows what the weather will be in May. I’m trying to do a majority of my runs outside, so I can get used to running outside in heat, wind, hills, etc. I’ve been enjoying it a lot, and I’m always looking forward to the next days run.

How do you fuel during training?.

What do you drink before, during, after your runs?

P.S. I went with my mom today and we bought my GPS watch…although I can’t have it until Easter, boo

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