Seriously, maybe I should just plan injury into my training plans. This is just getting ridiculous. At least this time it’s not my knee (although then it might be an easier fix).

Monday: I had scheduled 4miles. I went to my normal spot and started out. I felt okay the first mile, but then mile 2 started and my shin started to hurt. Bad, bad, bad. I ended up walking back and ending my run.

Tuesday: 7miles scheduled, but I wasn’t sure if I could run them. So I planned on testing out the first mile and see. Yep, stupid shins. So I quickly scheduled a chiropractor appointment because he helped my knees and then I went to Runaway Shoes and purchased some expensive awesome compression socks. I iced and compressed like a motherf’ker last night.

Wednesday: I wore my less expensive awesome compression socks to work today. Fashion diva here. And then went to the chiropractor where he tortured my shins (because, you know, I have shin splints). Went to the YMCA instead of running and even the bike hurt. So I did LOTS of weights. Taking out my aggression.

My plan for the rest of the week:
Thursday-rest. I have an appointment tomorrow after work and I’m going to just come home and rest, compress, and ice, ice, baby. It’ll be a grand time.
Friday- Day off of work, so I might go the YMCA early in the day because I have things to do in the afternoon. We’ll see how the rest day goes tomorrow.
Saturday- Sad to say, but I probably won’t be going to my running group. YMCA is again on the plan. Though there is a trail that runs right in front of the Y, so, if I’m brave, I may try out my shin on there.
Next week- All next week I’ll be up north. I plan on bringing my running clothes, but if my shin isn’t better, I’m going to walk a ring around the lake. Walk, walk, walk. Stretch, stretch, stretch.

So that’s the plan. I’m really frustrated because my training was going so well, but I’m doing everything I can right now to get back in the game.

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Juneathon 2012 Recap

Juneathon 2012 is done. And now I know why it’s called JuneATHON.

Going into Juneathon, I thought it wasn’t going to be too hard to work out every day. I had worked out pretty much every day in college, so what would be different? Well, working a 40hr/week job is what’s different. Having social obligations plus a job is what’s different. Living 30min away from the gym instead of 2min is different. So, needless-to-say, this month was sometimes harder than I thought.

The days that I had running scheduled were easy. I packed my bag and went to the trail in DePere and ran my scheduled miles. Or on Saturday’s I met with my running group. Sunday’s were also pretty easy because I was at home and lifted weights in the morning.

The days that were usually the hardest were Thursday’s because I have an appointment right after work that lasts usually an hour. I made this appointment for Thursday’s because that is my rest day. Well, for Juneathon, there are no rest days. So I usually went home and lifted weights or went to the YMCA. If I missed a run on either Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, I would run it on Thursday’s (which happened twice).

There were also three days that I just did crunches. I do crunches every day, so I felt like I was cheating a little, but at least I did something!

Pro’s about Juneathon-

–I joined the YMCA and got back into strength training. Near the end of my half-marathon training, strength training sort of fell my the wayside. So I’m really happy that I was able to get to the Y and do some strength training and try out different machines.

–I was worried that working out every day would leave me injured. I already going to the chiropractor for my knees and that’s when I take rest days! But I didn’t get injured at all and actually felt really good! I’m not scared to add a running day if I want or do strength training at the YMCA on a rest day.

–Fuel. Fuel. Fuel. Juneathon some days left me exhausted. I started drinking a protein shake for breakfast because I got so hungry right when I got into work. I tried to keep myself properly fueled so I wouldn’t die out in the middle of the day. It was especially important on days I went to the YMCA or on my long runs. I always made a double batch of my protein shake and had half before and the rest after my workout.

Con’s about Juneathon-

–Like I said above, some days (here, here, and here) it was hard to get a work out in. There were also two days (here and here) where lift seemed to get in the way and I had to squeeze a work out in.

That is really the only con I can think of! Even though some days were challenging, for the most part, I really enjoyed Juneathon. It made me work out somehow everyday. It made me try new things and I think I will try and work out every day unless something comes up!

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Project 365: Day 174-Madison Trip

I went down to Madison on Saturday to visit my friend Tom! It was so much fun. We were able to catch up and he showed me all the exciting sights of the city.

This was the first time I’ve ever driven a really long distance by myself, so that was an adventure. My GPS decided it needed to take me through every little town in Wisconsin. But it was quite scenic.

June 23

I think this is Lake Winnebago, but don’t quote me.

June 23

Then I started going through these little towns and there were so many windmills!

June 23

More windmills

June 23

And more windmills!

We started our adventure by going to the Hilldale Mall, which has a FANTASTIC Target. I wish I would have taken a picture of that. It was awesome. We ate at the Great Dane and the food was super good. The weather was great and we ate outside.
After we ate there, we checked out the West Towne Mall and then headed downtown to State Street.

June 23

We checked out Lake Mendota

June 23

And drank our awesome smoothies from Jamba Juice

June 23

We walked up State Street and ventured up by the capitol

June 23

Bathroom break at the Overture Center

June 23

Meandered back to the lake. People watched. Many weddings were going on. And I sat in one of the BLUE CHAIRS!

After our second lake adventure, we got Gelato. Why have I not discovered this sooner?! It was amazing! I’m not sure which type of frozen dessert is my favorite now: ice cream, Gelato or frozen yogurt. More testing needs to be done 😛

It was a great day in Madison exploring the city with one of my closest friends. Nothing beats that 🙂

June 23

The drive home.

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Juneathon Day 23: Running and Walking

Yesterday I had my Saturday morning group run. After last week’s bad 10miler, I was a little nervous about this one. This week was only 7miles, but I was still nervous.

As usual, I got to Runaway Shoes at 6:50am, but I made sure to use the bathroom BEFORE we started running. Lesson learned from last week. While waiting for the port-o-potty, I chatted with a guy about running schedules and which distance we were both doing. He said he was a novice and asking ME about this stuff. I’m a novice myself! This is my first marathon, so I’m still learning. But it was cool to talk compare schedules with someone else too.

We did our stretches and then headed out. This run was so.much.better than last weeks. Complete difference. I felt full of energy and ready to go. This route was actually the same route we did three weeks ago, but most of the routes we run are on the Fox Cities Marathon race course. So it’s nice to get familiar with the terrain.

There were water stations at miles 3 and 5. I took water at the first one and Gatorade at the second. The last time we ran this course, I pretty much followed one guy the whole time. I tried catching up to him, but he was always the same distances in front. Surprisingly, I followed him this time too. Deja vu. This run felt a lot better than that one though. Maybe we are both getting better, haha.

Mile 1: 9:12

Mile 2: 9:10

Mile 3: 9:20 (water station)

Mile 4: 9:02

Mile 5: 9:16 (water station)

Mile 6: 9:08

Mile 7: 9:08

Oh yeah, I beat my 10k PR on this route too. 57:01! Yay!

When I was done, I quickly grabbed a piece of bagel and left because I was heading down to Madison to visit my friend, Tom.

He showed me around Madison and I had a great time! We walked all over State Street and by the lake. The weather was absolutely perfect. Needless to say, it was a great Saturday 🙂

Juneathon Day 23: 7mile run. 1hr 3min. Walking around Madison.

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Juneathon Day 8: Lazy

Well, this week has exhausted me. And I don’t say that too often. I’ve gotten up before 6:30am each morning since last Saturday and it’s finally catching up with me. I feel like I have barely been home this week at all. Work, running, some errands, appointments. My room has been this drop zone this week and I looked at it today and it was so messy! I was trying to get my stuff together for my race tomorrow and had to clean up everything first.

So the thought of going on even a 3mile run today was just exhausting. And seeing it was 82-85 degrees out today, made it that much more dreading. Needless to say, I skipped running today. I skipped vigorous exercise all together and am calling my walking around the race expo my exercise. My sister and I walked/shopped around for about an 1hour and we had to walk a few blocks from where we parked our car. Yes, that is my exercise today. My legs have been a little sore since Wednesday. Hopefully taking this day off will prep them for tomorrow.

Tomorrow is the Bellin Run and it’s supposed to be hot. I’m hydrating already.

Early bedtime for me tonight.

Juneathon Day 8: Walking 1hour

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Taper Time!

9 days! Holy man. I registered for this race in March and it seemed so far away and now it’s only 9 DAYS AWAY!!!

I’ve been chatting with my family about where they are going to be along the course and it just so happens that the route goes right passed my aunt and uncles house! How convenient! So their plan is to find me there. And it’s right on a turn, so they will be able to see me for a while. It’s right around mile 6-7.

The half-marathon also has a Track Your Runner sign-up, where you get texts about where your runner is on the course. I looked up my bib number and I’m 10,232. Wow. Crazy amount of runners.

After my grueling long run on Friday, I was just planning on doing some strength training on Saturday. But when my sister asked me when I was going running on Saturday and if she could come along, I couldn’t turn her down 🙂 So I strength trained while watching Glee in the morning and then we did a slow 3 miles in the afternoon. It felt good to shake out my legs and make sure they weren’t broken from the day before. We then did some mothers day shopping and ate at Culver’s. Sunday was a rest day and wonderful Mother’s Days spent with my mom, grandma and rest of my family.

Today I started my new job. My shift is from 8-4:30 and then I did 3 miles after. At Walmart, I was constantly moving, constantly walking. At my new job, I sit, all day. Quite a difference. So when I started my run, my legs really didn’t want to cooperate. But after about 0.30 miles, they got into it and it was the best paced run I’ve done so far in my training. My miles were 9:25, 9:25, 9:26. Wow, I hope I can do that on Sunday! Only just a tad faster 😛 My body isn’t used to running in the afternoon yet, so, I’m hoping, that on Sunday it will be ready and primed for the 7am start time!

Tomorrow my plan says 2 miles but I’m thinking of hooking up with the Fleet Feet running group that meet up and run in Appleton. I think they do 3 miles, but it will be a fun 3 miles. Wednesday is 2 miles. Thursday rest. Friday walking. Saturday expo. Sunday HALF-MARATHON!! 🙂

Do you sit all day at your job? How does it affect your running?

Are you good at pacing your runs?

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Long Run Mental Strength

Today was my last long run of my half-marathon training. It was also the longest run. And definitely the hardest, mentally and physically.

I have been going through a lot of things lately. I moved recently. Got a new job. Neither of which is ever easy and I’m not very good with change. To say that I’m emotionally, physically, and mentally spent from moving, my new job, and some other personal things, is an understatement.

Last night I woke up at 5:30am and couldn’t fall back asleep. Lame. I laid in bed and rested until my alarm went off at 7:00am. My new phone’s battery has been acting funky since I’ve gotten it, so I was going to bring it in to get it looked at this morning before my other errands. The game plan for today was run my errands and go to two appointments. Then go to the trail in DePere and do my 12 mile run from there.

I’m used to running in the morning around 8am-9am. Not at 12:30pm when it’s 70 degrees out. I had planned accordingly and brought my handheld water bottle with Nuun. Because it was hot, I really wasn’t worried about how fast I went, I just wanted to run to run.

Yeah, I was smiling when I started.

The first mile went okay. This was the first time running with a water bottle, so that was something to get used to. My goal was to stop every 3 miles and drink and take half a gel because I brought two. The first stop was good. I took half the gel and drank my Nuun (which was getting pretty warm, yuck). I had put my car key in the zipper pouch on the water bottle. I made sure it was in there when I left and took off again.

The next 2 miles where a little harder. Even though there was shade from the trees, the trees blocked the wind. Boo. So I stopped again around mile 5 to take another drink and take a little more gel. My car key is not in the pouch. What in the world. I swore it was in there when I left my first stop. Guess not. I tried not to panic and decided to just turn around now and look for my key. (I should have just went for the next mile in hindsight. Whatevs).

Of course the place I lost my key was a little bridge in the shade. And there were about 3 of those before I found the one I actually stopped at. My mind was not on my run. I was so worried about finding my key. I put my phone in the trunk of my car, so I don’t have a phone. Or money. AHHHH!

Then I had to locate a port-a-potty because drinking all that Nuun was taking it’s toll. I prayed in there that I would find my key. Lame, yes. Desperate, yes. I figured I had two options. 1) Get back to DePere and go across the street from where I parked to Shopko and hope that they let me call home. 2) Venture to the other side of DePere and go to my grandparents apartment. Neither of which were appealing options.

I came up to the first two bridges and nothing. Then I found the one that I stopped at and found my key! I kissed it and thanked whoever helped me find it. Thank God.

After I found my key, my pace picked up because I could focus again on my run. By this time it was really warm, I was really warm, my Nuun was really warm, and my mental state was dwindling. I had to keep telling myself “You can do it. It feels awful now, but you will feel accomplished when you’re done!” “You will feel so much more prepared for your half when you finish!” “This has been the hardest long run and it’s probably supposed to be! You have to prepare your mind too!”

I got back into DePere and, because I turned around early, I was going to have to run past the park I left my car at in order to get my 12 miles. Talk about hard. Running away from your car when you’re tired, thirsty, hot, and SO CLOSE to being done, was super difficult. I ran 1 mile away and then turned around and came back to finish the 12. Holy Cow. I hugged my car. I finished. I was physically beat. Mentally beat. I could not go any more. That trail chewed me up and spat me back out. I ended up walking a little bit during the last mile, which I never like doing.

The water I had in my car had warmed up, so I went to Shopko anyway to get a bottle of water. But I most definitely DROVE there.

This run was the most mentally challenging run of my whole plan. My mind and body fought the whole way. I came out a beaten, but stronger person. I know I can run that half-marathon on May 20th. Even if I don’t complete it in under 2hrs (my time today for 12 miles was 2hr 2min), I know I can at least finish it. It won’t be hot. It will be in the morning. It will be after my week of tapering. It will be awesome 🙂

What time of day do you run?

How do you combat the heat while running?

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Fitness Friday: Trial and Error

I just got finished with my long run and it was certainly interesting.

Yesterday was my rest day, so I was pretty excited to run today. On Wednesday during my lunch at work, I went to Appleton to visit Complete Nutrition. I had received a $20 off card when I registered for my Run 4 Home race. The guy was really helpful and I left with some protein powder and a sample of something I might buy in the future. I also went to Fleet Feet and picked up some Nuun and Sports Beans. Then yesterday I bought a handheld water bottle at Walmart for today. I was all set.

I woke up at 6:45 and had my pre-run sample from Complete Nutrition


It sort of tasted like Kool-Aid and it’s supposed to give you endurance and energy for your work out. I gave it a go because it was free. I also had half a Clif bar and a banana.

After going to the bathroom about 3 times, I got my water bottle all ready with my Nuun and Sports Beans, checked my route again, and then I was ready.

Unfortunately, this stupid water bottle started to leak even before I got out the door. The drink spout didn’t close all the way, so when I ran, it got all over my hand. Ugh. I’m was not dealing with that for 8 miles. I debated turning back (I hadn’t even gone 1 mile yet!), but instead I just threw it away. Complete waste of money. I probably could have just set it somewhere and got it later, but I won’t use it again for running because it leaks! So, there went my beans and Nuun. And it wasn’t even a mile. 7 more to go. Error 1.

The route I had planned looked like this (sort of looks like a duck):

It wasn’t too complicated, the roads were ones I had run on before, but I just ran a bit longer on them this time. Park Road was probably the best part of my whole run. I had never ran over there and the houses are beautiful and it’s by the water. I actually thought I was lost because it was a long stretch and I thought I missed my street. Well, I did missed Bell street where I needed to turn on. Error 2. Thankfully, I caught up with a Commercial street and found Bell Street that I had missed before.

The only problem was I was on the wrong part of Bell Street! Error 3. (I only know this now by looking at my maps). So needless to say I ran out of sidewalk and I had to run on the side of the road for a little stretch. Scary stuff. And I also had to navigate around 5 round-a-bouts. But then I connected back up with Tullar Road, which runs right by Walmart, so I knew where I was.

As I’m running on Tullar, I realize that I’m farther from home than I want to be. Error 4. I had about 2 more miles from home, but I’ve already ran 7miles. Crap. Well, I will have a very long cool-down jog/walk then. And this was the part of my run where I was getting really warm.

After navigating 2 more round-a-bouts, I’ve completed 8.30 miles! I walked/jogged/stretched out my legs for the remaining .70miles until I got home. Here is the route I actually took (not a duck):


I did some stretching and then I made up my protein powder drink with some 1% milk. I was STARVING when I got home, so I finished the rest of my Clif Bar.


Even though there were a lot of errors during this run: bad water bottle and missing street turns, this has been my favorite run so far. I felt awesome during the whole thing. I just ran and ran and ran. The one long stretch on Park Street was just great. It was peaceful and beautiful and I couldn’t have asked for anything better than that part.

I learned a lot from this run:

–Don’t buy cheap hand held water bottles from Walmart! Haha. I saw some at Fleet Feet that will probably be better.

–Remember your route. I should have driven my route yesterday during my lunch at work (instead of going to Dicks Sporting Goods and looking at all the clothes). I probably wouldn’t have gotten lost and missed my streets.

–Don’t wear long-sleeves! When I started out this morning, it was bout 40. By the time I was done, it was almost 50. Bad news bears for Kayla wearing a long sleeve shirt. I was really warm near the end.

–Try to stay away from round-a-bouts. I actually don’t mind going through round-a-bouts because the traffic is only coming from one direction, but 5 right in a row; def not fun.

–Need more songs on my iPod. The playlist on my iPod is only an hour and I ran for about 1hr 20min. Repeats!

Here is the rest of this weeks runs:

Monday: 3.31 miles. 9:30 pace. First run with my GPS watch!

Tuesday: 4.17 miles. 8:39 pace. Down my road and back. Pace run.

Wednesday: 3.13 miles. 9:13 pace. I legs weren’t happy with this run. They seemed tired the whole time.

Thursday: Rest.

Friday: 8.30 miles. 9:19 pace.

Tomorrow we are going to the zoo, so lots of walking there. Sunday is another rest day. Next Sunday I have my next 5k in Oshkosh before my Half-Marathon in May!

Edit: Barnaby made me go get my leaky water bottle.


Have you had any trial and error runs?

Are you racing this weekend?

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Reorganizin’ Ma Schedule

I wrote about my new “pain”/knee wonkiness (yes, a true word) here. All day Saturday I looked up and searched what I could do. I followed Rest, Ice, Compress and today my knees feel much better.

All day Saturday I wore my compression sleeves and iced on and off.

My awesome compression sleeves

Doesn't everyone ice their injuries with mixed veggies?

Today, Barnaby had wrestling, so I wore my sleeves for a little while there, but my knees actually felt pretty good. It’s mostly when I sit in one position too long (bending my knees sitting).

During my strength training, I’m going to start trying to strengthen my quads and hamstrings. That was what I kept reading about, strengthening the leg muscles. Also stretching after runs (which I have been doing) and icing after runs (which I haven’t been doing). I’m going to do all that, so this doesn’t happen again. Cuz it sucks. Big time.

This morning I changed up my half-marathon schedule to incorporate another rest day. I did this for a couple reasons.

  • The first being injury prevention. The original Hal Higdon plan had two rest days, but I added 2 miles to get more miles in. Well, maybe that isn’t such a good idea. Thursday’s and Sunday’s are going to be rest days. This is going to be so weird because I ALWAYS work out during the week. ALWAYS.
  • Second, I moved my long runs to Friday’s instead of Saturday’s. I have time during the week for running and usually not on the weekends. For most people, that is the opposite. But Friday’s work better for me. And it’s right after my rest day.
  • On my old plan, I had my one rest day on Sunday. But it never really was a “rest” day. Last Sunday we went to the zoo and this Sunday Barnaby had wrestling. So I never really was resting, sure I wasn’t exercising, but I was still on my feet, walking around the zoo, taking pictures and being active during his wrestling show. Having a rest day on Thursday, I’m hoping for that to be a TRUE rest day. Sunday will probably turn into more of an active rest day then, but at least I will have Thursday.
  • Cross-Training moved to Saturday’s. If I’m pressed for time (like if I have plans on Saturday) I can do something quick. If I’m not busy, I can do something longer. It’s more flexible for me.

After my reorganizing, I hope this plan leaves me off the injury/pain list until AFTER my Half-Marathon. I’m still hoping to do my 3mile run tomorrow and I might just run in my compression sleeves, depending on how my knees feel in the morning.

This coming Sunday I have my first 5k of the year!

Have you had to tweak a schedule because you were injured/didn’t fit your lifestyle?

Are your rest days during the week or on the weekend?

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Decision Making

In my last post, I briefly mentioned my desire for a GPS enabled watch. Well, my first outside run of the season confirmed it; I want one. Right. Now.

I used mapmyrun.com to find a route near my house with the appropriate distance for my training today (3miles). Awesome. It was a pretty easy route, a basic circle of quite a few blocks. I started out fine, knew where I was going for about 1.5 miles. Then I had to find Isabella street. I don’t know if it was the blinding sun (I bought some sunglasses and I  invested in a hat as well) or I just wasn’t paying attention, but I missed it. So then I sort of took some random turns, and eventually got somewhat back on track. I never found Isabella street.

When I got home, I tried to remember what roads I turned down so I could figure out my new route to see how far I went. It was not fun. Trying to remember what roads I actually ran down as opposed to ones I just passed and looked at the name. How convenient it would have been to have a GPS watch. Yes, definitely.

So I headed out to do some watch shopping. I had been looking them up and doing some research the other night, but it just isn’t the same as seeing it in person (that is why I somewhat dislike online shopping. People who do all their shopping online, I applaud you).

I went to Target first (my new store obsession) and found the Nike+Stopwatch there as well as the Garmin Forerunner 210. I had done more online research on the Garmin‘s, so I looked at that one longer. I also went to Sears because, surprisingly, they sell GPS watches. They carried both the Garmin Forerunner 110 and 210, but both were out of stock and according to the salesman, indefinitely.

There is a New Balance store in Appleton that I didn’t realize, but unfortunately, they don’t carry watches. I then had an unpleasant experience at 2nd Wind Exercise Equipment.  The employee was pushing these Polar watches on me (which I had no interest in) and told me I probably won’t be able to find a good GPS watch for under $300. I’m not looking for a state of the art watch, just a basic one with pace, distance, and GPS. And I have found ones for under $300, thank you very much. Get your facts straight, buddy.

I found a great running store called Fleet Feet in Appleton and I will definitely be going back there, it’s more women friendly. They also had the Garmin Forerunner 210, but not in stock.

Up until this point, I was pretty sold on the Garmin Forerunner 210. Garmin is a good name, it had the functions I want. I really didn’t want an “off-brand” watch, in case I needed support, it’s usually easier to find with well-known items.

Garmin Forerunner 210

Then I went to Runaway Shoes. This is  wonderful, “home-y” running store, small in size, but the employees seem to know what they are talking about. The employee there told me all about his Nike+Stopwatch. And now I think that is what I want. What really intrigued me was the Nike+ sensor that is included, so I could run on my treadmill and still use the watch for pace and distance (which is nice because our treadmill isn’t very high-tech). I left the store now unsure of which watch to get.


Of course there are pros and cons to both, but the Nike+ Stopwatch seems like it would fit my needs better with the sensor included for treadmill running. And it is powered by TomTom, and that is the GPS brand that I have. It also does automatic updates, which is always a Pro in my book and syncing the watch to my computer seemed quite easy. Although I’m quite sold on the Nike+, I still sort of considering the Garmin Forerunner 210.

Any input or reviews of either of these watches would be wonderful! 🙂

Which kind of GPS watch do you have (if you have one)? What made your decision to get the watch you own, as opposed to a different one?

P.S. This morning was payday, so I signed up for my races! The Run 4 Home in Appleton on April 1st, the Oshkosh 5k on April 22, and the Cellcom Half-Marathon on May 20! I’m super pumped!

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