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2012: Running

2012 brought a whole new adventure in running. I went from not being able to run at all in January, to completing my first full marathon in September. A few injuries along the way, but a great running year.

Total miles ran: 915

Total races: 10

Awards won: 2


DSCN4936Run 4 Home. Second in age group

Oshkosh 5k.

Fox Firecracker 5k. 5k PR

Packers 5k. Ran with my sister.


Festival Foods Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving


Bellin Run


Noodleini 15k


Cellcom Half-Marathon

Cheesehead Half-Marathon. 2nd in age group


Fox Cities Marathon.

The majority of my races this year were ran in the summer and this summer in Wisconsin was HOT! It seemed like every time I had a race it was ridiculously hot. I did a lot of my training in the afternoon after work, which I think helped in these races because it was obviously hotter in the afternoon. Most of my runs took place on the Fox River Trail, either near my house or in DePere. I also ran quite a bit on Saturday’s with my running group.

I had a great racing season in 2012 and I expect 2013 to bring even BIGGER races and accomplishments 😉

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Juneathon Day 27: Experiment

Yesterday was in the 90’s (again), so it was a good thing I only had a 3 mile run. While I was at work, I got to thinking that I haven’t done a run where I didn’t worry about pace since I got my Nike+watch. I decided it would be a good day to run on feel instead of hounding a pace, especially when it was so hot.

I parked at a different spot by the trail, because I had to get home quickly after. But the whole trail was open! Yay! I put my screen so I just saw distance and headed out.

Unfortunately, the spot on the trail that I was by had no shade. And no shade for almost that whole first mile. The second mile had some more shade, but barely. When I turned around, the wind was blowing at me (and it was a pretty strong wind!) and I could tell that I may have gone out too fast and the heat was getting to me. Even though it was really hot, this run seemed to fly by.

I got back to my vehicle and was dripping with sweat. Yuck. Luckily I had some water in my car and I quickly drank that.

When I plugged in my watch to my computer, I was anxious to see how my run had gone. Well, it was as expected, I went out pretty fast and lost (a lot) of steam as the run went on. Oh well, can’t win them all.

Mile 1: 8:39

Mile 2: 8:57

Mile 3: 9:19

I don’t know how many of these kinds of runs I’ll do where I don’t look at my pace. But yesterday was so hot and it was only 3 miles, so it was a fun little experiment.

Juneathon Day 27: 3miles. 27:59.

Also, last night I had a meeting with my running club. The guest speaker was the race director of the Cellcom Green Bay Marathon (remember the one that got cancelled mid-race). It was interesting to hear what all goes on in calling a race and other little details. He did a very good job at explaining everything that happened this year. And he also talked about what is being looked at for next year to make the race better.


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Juneathon Day 13: Positive Consequences

Today was a great run. If I would have ran like I did today during the Bellin Run last Saturday, I would have had a HUGE PR.

The running group I joined was offering a fun run today in Menasha at 6:00. There was a 5k route and a 10k route. I was debating on which one I wanted, but I opted for the 10k. This has been only my second group run, so I was a little nervous. I didn’t really talk to anyone when I got there. Everyone seemed to come with a friend or know someone else. I looked at the map they provided and used the bathroom (because we met at a park pavilion). At 6:00pm, we were off and going.

I started off faster than I would have liked. Stupid me. But I was feeling really good with the pace I started off with, so I went with it. See how long I could hold on for. Everyone started in a pack, but then people trickled off and it was just me, a wife and husband who was pushing a jogging stroller, and an older man. I kept pace with them, staying slightly behind, but keeping up. Then we reached on intersection and they all stopped. They were lost. I gave them my map and they figured out where we were, but now that we weren’t following the directions (at least I don’t think we were, we went down some roads that weren’t on the map), I knew I couldn’t lose them in fear of getting lost myself.

Now I had to keep this fast pace for the next 3.5miles. It was hard, but I knew I could do it. Even though I wasn’t part of their group, they knew I was there and kept making sure I was still following. We finally made it back onto the map and we only had about 1.5miles left. I still was feeling pretty good. Tired, but good. My pace was staying steady on my watch, only a little ways left.

We reached the park and I felt so good. I held a pretty hard pace for me for 6miles! I couldn’t have been happier. There were subs and ice cream at the pavilion. I ate a sub and drank some water and then left.

If I wouldn’t have started out somewhat fast and ended up following that group, I probably wouldn’t have ran that fast. It was definitely a positive mistake that I made.

Mile 1: 8:47
Mile 2: 8:45
Mile 3: 8:55
Mile 4: 8:57
Mile 5: 8:44

All under 9minutes! Yahoo!

Juneathon Day 13: 6miles in 52.50

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Juneathon Day 7: So Close

Today I had a 3 mile run scheduled. I wanted to try for a new 5k PR and negative split. So this morning I figured out what paces I needed to run, wrote them down and headed for work.

It was super hot today and I was worried about running hard and fast. Once I started though, it went pretty well. It was hard, I didn’t think I was going to make it, but I did. And I didn’t get my PR. Mainly because I thought my PR was 26:56, instead of what it actually is, 26:13. Silly me. So I guess I will still have something to work for.

Exhausted legs

No PR Disappointment

I still ran fast though!

Juneathon Day 7: 3.1miles. 27:01

Mile 1: 8:55

Mile 2: 8:34

Mile 3: 8:36

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Go Big or Go Home

I’m doing the Fox Cities MARATHON in September. There, I said it. No going back now.

After thinking, pondering, and looking over training plans, I’ve decided the marathon is what I want to do this year. My half training is going really well right now. I enjoy my longer runs and always look forward to them. My plan right now calls for a 3 mile run on Monday and Wednesday’s. I never really look forward to those because I just get into a groove and rhythm and then I’m done. My longer runs are so much more enjoyable because after a while I forget I’m running and it’s just me and the path a head of me.

My half is on May 20 and then I have a week rest and start into my Marathon training. I’m using Hal Higdon‘s Novice 2 plan for the Marathon, like I’m following for my Half training. I like his plans because they are simple to follow and I can easily move things around to fit my life. I want to join the Pacesetters of the Fox Cities running group because they do long runs for the Fox Cities Marathon on Saturday’s. There are about five Saturday’s where my long run length is the same as what they are running, so I would like to join them for those runs.

I’ve also found five races that I would like to do throughout the summer.

–Bellin 10k: June
–Firecracker 5k: July
–Sawdust Day’s 5k: July
–Pacesetters XC 5k: August
–Cheesehead Half-Marathon: August

So, yes, that is my summer and I’m super excited. I can’t wait to run outside, push my body and see what it can do 🙂

Do you have any big goals for the summer?

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Oshkosh Half Marathon and 5k Recap

I ran in the Oshkosh 5k this morning and it went really well! I PR’d by over 2 min! Going into this race I was a little nervous because I ran 9 miles yesterday, but I woke up ready this morning.

The 5k cost $28. That has been the most I have spent on a 5k so far. Everything seemed to run really smoothly. There was plenty of parking (which I was worried about). The expo yesterday had about 15 vendors and it didn’t take me long to get my bib and goody bag.

We got to the race at 6:30 and found a parking spot quickly (my only main concern). We walked to the Oshkosh Convention Center and waited for everything to get underway.

Ready to go!

People started to migrate over to the start, so I headed over there. The Half-Marathon and 5k started at the same time, so I was on the left side of the road and the Half’s were on the other.

Before the start

The race started right at 6:58 (2 min early!) and this was the first race were people were elbowing people out of the way. The only problem was that there were walkers near the front of the group and the runners had to weave around them. I started off feeling really good. My knees felt great. I had some of my energy beans before I started and some water.

And we're off!

Barnaby tried finding me, but there were a lot of people.


It was clearly marked where the Half and 5k split. There weren’t many spectators, but a few scattered around the course. I used my Nike+ watch and kept track of my pace. My first mile was 8:19. Awesome. I tried keeping my pace between 8:00-8:30. Right after mile 1 we went over a bridge and my pace didn’t dip too badly going over.

At about mile 1.5 there was an aid station. I didn’t need anything, but I wanted to practice grabbing a cup. Disaster. I didn’t want to slow down because I my pace was going well. So I grabbed a cup, pinched the top and got about a teaspoon. I’m going to have to practice that more.

The last stretch of mile 2 was the most difficult. It was flat and I was just trying to keep my pace and save some of my energy for the finish. We went over another bridge and then rounded a bend into the finish. There were spectators there to cheer you on and they said your name when you finished. People always say my last name wrong, but I really didn’t care because when I saw my time, I was so excited!

Say what?!

My time was 26:32! At the Run for Home 5k, my time was 28:55. I felt so awesome and proud of myself. I placed 6th in my age division (20-24) and 113th overall. Yahoo!

A spectacular picture after the race 😛

I then grabbed a little food and then we went out for breakfast at IHOP.

It was a great race. Maybe next year I will do the Half! It was well organized, plenty of parking, a decent amount of runners. And it was nice to run in the city where I went to college 🙂

Now I have a month until the Half-Marathon!

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Run 4 Home 5k Recap

This weekend got off to a bad start when I started to not feel well at work Friday night. I had to keep blowing my nose and my throat was a little sore. Saturday morning I woke up with a sore throat and a VERY runny nose. Yuck. Lucky for me, all I had was allergy medicine, so a trip to Walgreens was a must in order to get some cold medicine.

It worked out okay though because I had to go pick up my bib at Scheels that morning anyway. It took all of about a minute to get my bib and shirt. Painless. I really wanted to find a long-sleeved shirt or a half-zip sweatshirt for the race on Sunday because I didn’t any cold weather running gear. How unprepared of me. Scheels didn’t really have anything I was looking for (that was in my price range), so we went to Target and I found a half-zip sweatshirt on clearance. Score. We went to Walgreens and then I parked my butt on the couch the rest of the day. I went to sleep at 9:00 and slept like a baby. Thank you night time TheraFlu.

My alarm went off at 6:25am this morning and, surprisingly, I felt great! I ate some applesauce and half a cereal bar, got dressed, and we were out the door by 7:00.

We got to the Fox Cities Stadium and I had to pick up my chip and then we stood around for about an hour. I really wasn’t sure how my knee was going to do because I hadn’t ran on it in a week. I told myself that if it didn’t feel okay, I can always walk. My plan was to start near the back and see how things went.

I’m so glad I bought that headband after work on Friday. My ears would have been so cold without it!

At about 7:45, we all went outside for the National Anthem and then it was time to go to the starting line. The 10k started at 8:00 and the 5k started at 8:10. Everything started right when it was supposed to. After waiting 10min after the 10k started, we were off and running.

I'm at the end of the picture, wearing the capri's.

We started running through the parking lot of the stadium and I took it slow, judging how my knee was going to feel. It was feeling pretty good going out of the parking lot, so I sped up a little and it still felt okay! Yay! We ran behind the stadium and up a hill over the highway. Going back down the hill wasn’t the best, but once that was done, my knees felt great and I really pushed. I passed people and I was feeling so great! My knees weren’t bothering me and I was really cruising. It felt amazing. After not running for a week, I didn’t know how it was going to go.

Over the highway. I'm the last one.

We ran through Fox Valley Tech’s parking lot and there was an aid station. I debated on stopping, but I didn’t. The last part was running over the highway again and the uphill this time was hard. I was actually getting a little warm and I was so glad going downhill this time.

After the hill, we ran back into and around the baseball field and then through the finish line.

Running around the field

Trying to pick up some speed into the home stretch

Almost done!

Finished. I felt so accomplished!

I couldn’t believe I ran the whole thing! It felt so good. I could not have been happier. I got my finisher medal and then ate some food before the awards.

Finisher Medal!

They posted the times and ranking before the awards and I was 122nd overall. My time was 28:55, average pace 9:19. I PR’d from my first 5k! Yes! That made me so happy too!

The awards were promptly at 9:00 and I also took 2nd woman in the 20-24 age group! What?! Now I was on cloud nine. I was just go happy and excited and super accomplished.

2nd Woman in my age division

This race was just awesome overall. I was able to run the whole thing after not having ran for a week, being sick the day before, and having a little bit of bad knees. I took 2nd in my age division. And I PR’d!

After this race, I felt so strong as a person and a runner. I hope that this race is just the beginning of a great racing season ahead!

Did you race this weekend?


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St. Joe’s 5k Recap

Well, I ran the St. Joe’s 5k in October and, seeing as I was busy (read: lazy) I didn’t write a recap. It was my first race, so here is my experience 🙂

The St. Joe’s 5k was held in Menasha, WI, which is about 10 min from my house. Pure awesome. I was able to get up and not be too rushed. I ate my normal breakfast of vanilla yogurt, raspberries, strawberries, and cereal and took my time getting ready. It was super windy that day, and I really wasn’t sure what I wanted to run in. I decided on a sweatshirt, t-shirt, sweatpants, and tights underneath. All good choices, I wasn’t too hot or too cold.

We left the house at 7:30 and the race started at 8:45. I didn’t know what I all had to do when I got there, so I wanted to get there a little early. We got good parking and went to go pick up my bib and t-shirt. It was a wave start, which I knew nothing about. All the helpers were really nice and they explained it to me and told me my start time was 9:15. Considering it was only about 8:00 now, we had a while to wait. I was a able to see all the runners and look at the course. Barnaby figured out where he was going to go and sit and cheer, so it was a pretty relaxing wait.

Finally the race started at 8:45 and Barnaby went to go to his cheering location. My wave started and was a fairly big wave. I ended up near the back of the pack and had to attempt to pass a few strollers and crazy dogs. That was a little frustrating. I might have done better if my start wasn’t so slow. Oh well, live and learn.

The whole running part was great though. I passed quite a few people and I tried to pace myself with people. The wind was a little challenging, hello Mother Nature. Barnaby was one of the few spectators. For most of the race, we ran over a bridge and then back again. So not too much room for spectators. I took it easy for the first mile, after my slowish start. The second mile, I tried to pass a few people who I had stayed behind. The third mile, I pushed myself to the finish. Barnaby was there waiting for me and I felt so great.

After the race, we went inside and ate and then left because we had plans that afternoon. I ended up running 30:31 min and I came in 201st! I know that I can do better, but I’m just glad that I took the plunge and tried out racing. It was the perfect first race experience. I think I will make this race I do each year.

Is there a race you do every year?

How was your first race experience?

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Fitness Friday: Back on Track

Last week my runs were pretty slow, but this week I got back on track. It was great. During all my runs I felt like a million bucks and just wanted to keep going and going. I got paid yesterday, so I signed up for my first 5k! The St. Joe’s 5k Run in Menasha, WI. I’m pretty pumped, but also sort of nervous. It’s only 15 days away now. I will probably do some of my runs outside now, just to get used to the conditions.  That makes me nervous as well because the last time I ran outside, I hurt my knee. So hopefully all goes well! This weeks work outs included:

Saturday: Ran 7.52 miles in 1 hour 6 min. Average pace was 8:47 min/mile. Awesome. Ran 3 min, recovered for 1 min, ran 5 min, recovered for 2 min.

Monday: Ran 7.51 miles in 1 hour 5 min. Average pace was 8:39 min/mile. New record! Ran 3 min, recovered for 1 min.

Tuesday: Ran 8.11 miles in 1 hour 11 min. Average pace was 8:45 min/mile. This has been my longest run so far and it went really well 🙂 Ran 3 min, recovered for 1 min, repeated for 15 min. Ran 5 min, recovered for 2 min, repeated for 15 min.

Wednesday: Ran 7.60 miles in 1 hour 6 min. Average pace was 8:44 min/mile. Ran 5 min, recovered for 2 min, repeated for 15 min. Ran 3 min, recovered for 1 min, repeated for 15 min.

Thursday: Ran 7.65 miles in 1 hour 8 min. Average pace was 8:56 min/mile. Ladder up to 5 run, 5 recovery, repeated 5:5, then back down. Slower day. I think it was because I recovered for the same amount of time as the run.

I’m not going to be able to work out today because we are going to Milwaukee to look at Halloween stores!  Possibly tomorrow though. But I’m super pumped after this week. I’m feeling really good. Next week I will try and take a few of my runs outside. We shall see how that goes.

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Fitness Friday: A Little Slow

My body was just not cooperating with me this week. I felt fine, and my paces were fine, but I just felt like I was going really slow this week. I have also been looking for a 5k to run and I think I have found the ones I would like to run: 18th Annual St. Joe’s 5K Run/Walk 2011 on October 15th, YMCA Freaky 5K on October 29th, and Noodleini Run/Walk on November 29th (I want to do this one because you get Noodles and Company after! Score). So yes, now I just have to register, pay my money, and I’ll be set. On to this week’s workouts:

Sunday: Ran 7.10 miles in 1 hour and 4 min. Average pace was 9:01 minutes/mile. Ran for 5 minutes, recovered for 3. I felt really bad during this work out. My stomach and sides hurt a lot. Not enjoyable.

Monday: Ran 7.35 miles in 1 hour and 5 min. Average pace was 8:51 minutes/mile. I don’t remember the routine I used, oops.

Tuesday: Ran 7.51 miles in 1 hour 11 min. Average pace was 9:30 minutes/mile. I did this slow on purpose as an easy run. I was feeling sluggish that day. Ran 1 mile, recover for 1/2.

Wednesday: Ran 7.06 miles in 1 hour 3 min. Average pace was 8:55 minutes/mile. Ladder up to run 5, recover for 5 and the back down.

Thursday: Ran 7.20 miles in 1 hour 5 min. Average pace was 9:05 minutes/mile. Ladder again. My monthly friend came that day, didn’t make it very fun.

Friday: Ran 7.15 miles in 1 hour 3 min. Average pace was 8:49 minutes/mile. Run 3 minutes, recover for 1. I think this is my best pace so far!

Overall, it was an okay week. I think it had a lot to do with my visitor than anything. I wasn’t able to get a lot of strength training in because I was pressed for time for most of the days. Hopefully next week will be better. I’m also still looking into joining the YMCA. Then I can do running and maybe some stationary biking or something else fun.

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