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Festival Foods Turkey Trot Race Recap

I ran in the Festival Food Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving day 2012 in Green Bay.

The Turkey Trot is sponsored by Festival Foods and is put in in multiple locations around Wisconsin (Appleton, Green Bay, LaCrosse, Eau Claire, Fond du Lac, Marshfield, Oshkosh, and Manitowoc). Last year I ran walked in the one in Menasha, which was changed to Appleton this year.

I signed up to run the 5 mile, along with Ryan, his sister and her husband. My sister did the 2 mile. We got to the race in plenty of time to walk to warm up, use the porta-potty and get to the start. It was quite warm that morning with just a little wind. I wore a long sleeve shirt, long sleeve zipper-up and pants and was rather warm. What started off as a really frustrating race ended very well. FORESHADOWING!!!

My time goal was 45 minutes. That seemed like a very reasonable time. We all started near the back of the pack and definitely paid for it the first mile or so. I had to dodge and come to a complete stop for walkers and dogs and kids. It was very frustrating. Ryan ran away and so did Trisha and Jesse. I caught up with Ryan eventually and passed him and then spotted Jesse and Trisha a little ways ahead.

About the halfway point I felt amazing. I really don’t know what happened but the people parted and I just couldn’t stop. I passed Trisha and Jesse and just ran and ran and going faster and faster. During these fast miles, I thought about what I was thankful for this year. My wonderful family, my amazing boyfriend, his family who has accepted me, going back to school, my health, and just overall happiness.

After running and running, the race was done and I finished in 43:46! Way faster than I anticipated! We regrouped and then headed home. I was very pleased with the results from this race. Another thing to be thankful for that day 🙂

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Oshkosh Half Marathon and 5k Recap

I ran in the Oshkosh 5k this morning and it went really well! I PR’d by over 2 min! Going into this race I was a little nervous because I ran 9 miles yesterday, but I woke up ready this morning.

The 5k cost $28. That has been the most I have spent on a 5k so far. Everything seemed to run really smoothly. There was plenty of parking (which I was worried about). The expo yesterday had about 15 vendors and it didn’t take me long to get my bib and goody bag.

We got to the race at 6:30 and found a parking spot quickly (my only main concern). We walked to the Oshkosh Convention Center and waited for everything to get underway.

Ready to go!

People started to migrate over to the start, so I headed over there. The Half-Marathon and 5k started at the same time, so I was on the left side of the road and the Half’s were on the other.

Before the start

The race started right at 6:58 (2 min early!) and this was the first race were people were elbowing people out of the way. The only problem was that there were walkers near the front of the group and the runners had to weave around them. I started off feeling really good. My knees felt great. I had some of my energy beans before I started and some water.

And we're off!

Barnaby tried finding me, but there were a lot of people.


It was clearly marked where the Half and 5k split. There weren’t many spectators, but a few scattered around the course. I used my Nike+ watch and kept track of my pace. My first mile was 8:19. Awesome. I tried keeping my pace between 8:00-8:30. Right after mile 1 we went over a bridge and my pace didn’t dip too badly going over.

At about mile 1.5 there was an aid station. I didn’t need anything, but I wanted to practice grabbing a cup. Disaster. I didn’t want to slow down because I my pace was going well. So I grabbed a cup, pinched the top and got about a teaspoon. I’m going to have to practice that more.

The last stretch of mile 2 was the most difficult. It was flat and I was just trying to keep my pace and save some of my energy for the finish. We went over another bridge and then rounded a bend into the finish. There were spectators there to cheer you on and they said your name when you finished. People always say my last name wrong, but I really didn’t care because when I saw my time, I was so excited!

Say what?!

My time was 26:32! At the Run for Home 5k, my time was 28:55. I felt so awesome and proud of myself. I placed 6th in my age division (20-24) and 113th overall. Yahoo!

A spectacular picture after the race 😛

I then grabbed a little food and then we went out for breakfast at IHOP.

It was a great race. Maybe next year I will do the Half! It was well organized, plenty of parking, a decent amount of runners. And it was nice to run in the city where I went to college 🙂

Now I have a month until the Half-Marathon!

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Fitness Friday: Back on Track

Last week my runs were pretty slow, but this week I got back on track. It was great. During all my runs I felt like a million bucks and just wanted to keep going and going. I got paid yesterday, so I signed up for my first 5k! The St. Joe’s 5k Run in Menasha, WI. I’m pretty pumped, but also sort of nervous. It’s only 15 days away now. I will probably do some of my runs outside now, just to get used to the conditions.  That makes me nervous as well because the last time I ran outside, I hurt my knee. So hopefully all goes well! This weeks work outs included:

Saturday: Ran 7.52 miles in 1 hour 6 min. Average pace was 8:47 min/mile. Awesome. Ran 3 min, recovered for 1 min, ran 5 min, recovered for 2 min.

Monday: Ran 7.51 miles in 1 hour 5 min. Average pace was 8:39 min/mile. New record! Ran 3 min, recovered for 1 min.

Tuesday: Ran 8.11 miles in 1 hour 11 min. Average pace was 8:45 min/mile. This has been my longest run so far and it went really well 🙂 Ran 3 min, recovered for 1 min, repeated for 15 min. Ran 5 min, recovered for 2 min, repeated for 15 min.

Wednesday: Ran 7.60 miles in 1 hour 6 min. Average pace was 8:44 min/mile. Ran 5 min, recovered for 2 min, repeated for 15 min. Ran 3 min, recovered for 1 min, repeated for 15 min.

Thursday: Ran 7.65 miles in 1 hour 8 min. Average pace was 8:56 min/mile. Ladder up to 5 run, 5 recovery, repeated 5:5, then back down. Slower day. I think it was because I recovered for the same amount of time as the run.

I’m not going to be able to work out today because we are going to Milwaukee to look at Halloween stores!  Possibly tomorrow though. But I’m super pumped after this week. I’m feeling really good. Next week I will try and take a few of my runs outside. We shall see how that goes.

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