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2012: Running

2012 brought a whole new adventure in running. I went from not being able to run at all in January, to completing my first full marathon in September. A few injuries along the way, but a great running year.

Total miles ran: 915

Total races: 10

Awards won: 2


DSCN4936Run 4 Home. Second in age group

Oshkosh 5k.

Fox Firecracker 5k. 5k PR

Packers 5k. Ran with my sister.


Festival Foods Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving


Bellin Run


Noodleini 15k


Cellcom Half-Marathon

Cheesehead Half-Marathon. 2nd in age group


Fox Cities Marathon.

The majority of my races this year were ran in the summer and this summer in Wisconsin was HOT! It seemed like every time I had a race it was ridiculously hot. I did a lot of my training in the afternoon after work, which I think helped in these races because it was obviously hotter in the afternoon. Most of my runs took place on the Fox River Trail, either near my house or in DePere. I also ran quite a bit on Saturday’s with my running group.

I had a great racing season in 2012 and I expect 2013 to bring even BIGGER races and accomplishments 😉

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Fox Firecracker 5k Recap

This morning was the Fox Firecracker 5k and it was a HOT one!

Yesterday was the race expo from 4pm-7pm at Riverview Middle School in Kaukauna. It was quick and painless. I had to find my bib number from the list of racers and then proceed to pick up my shirt and bib. In and out in about 10min.

Today I got up at 6:30 and ate a Clif bar and banana. I really wanted to PR this race, but with the heat, I wasn’t sure if that was going to be possible. When I looked at the weather before I left, it was already 77 degrees. Whoa.

When I got there, I had to park about 10min away from the starting area. By the time I was done walking from my car to the starting area, I was already sweating. Well, this shall be an interesting race.

The University of Wisconsin marching band was there for entertainment before the race. Also, there were skydivers that fell from the sky and each had a different flag attached to them. That was pretty cool. I’ve never seen anything like that.

The UW Band led us to the starting line and played the Star Spangled Banner when we got there. Just standing there made me sweat. The gun went off and it was time to run.

The first half mile was really hard. I couldn’t get going because it was hard to breathe with the heat. Once I got going, it went better, not great, but better.

Mile 1: 8:31 (eh)

One thing that I didn’t like about this race was that we couldn’t use the whole width of the road to run. We ran on the left-hand side of the road and the right-hand side was just empty for the occasional car the police let through. I guess because Kaukauna is a little town, there couldn’t be too many roads blocked. But only having half the road made it really crowded and added to the heat seeing we had to be really close.

Oh hello mile 2. Hello hills. There were quite a few hills, bigger hills on this mile. No fun in this hot weather. I tried to keep trekking along, but the heat was taking a toll with the hills. I took some water and dumped it on my head at this mile. I was already wet from sweating, might as well get drenched.

Mile 2: 8:54

The next mile I felt a little better, actually. I tried to kick it into gear for the last mile. It was going well, until I got near the end, I felt like I was going to be sick. I slowed down a little and threw some water on my head. That made me feel a little better and I sprinted to the finish, just to get finished.

Mile 3: 8:30

Finish time- 26:27. BARELY a new PR. I beat my old 5k time by 5seconds. If it wouldn’t have been so hot, I probably would have done better, but we can’t control the weather. I’m definitely happy with my time considering the heat. I took 5th in my age division out of 35.

When the race got done, I drank some water and drenched myself some more. The results were posted shortly after and then I left.

This race reminded me of the Turkey Trot. There were lots of families running and walking because it was the Fourth of July, so that makes it a great event. This was a nice small town race. The course was nice, with plenty of shade. It was about 15min from my house, so not that far for me to get to.

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May Summary/June Goals

I want to start making summaries of months and goals for the next month. To see my progress and changes in my life. Also, to think about things I wish to accomplish.

May 2012 Summary

–Ran my first double digit runs. No stopping me now!

Ran Survived the Cellcom Green Bay Marathon: it was hot. Some people didn’t get official times. I was lucky enough to finish and have my time counted. Rockstar.

–Signed up for the Bellin Run 10k

Nike+ watch took a poop. Had to buy a new one.

–Started my MARATHON training

–Got a new job! Good bye Walmart, it’s been a great 2.5 years.

–Moved back in with my parents. Hoping to save money so I can move out on my own and be a grown up.

–Changed my blog’s name

LOTS of changes in May. Things coming to an end and things just beginning. It’s been a roller coaster of emotions. Highs and lows. Good times and bad. But now that month is done and onto June!

June 2012 goals

–JUNEATHON: It’s begun! (day 1 and day 2) This month will be full of fitness and fun (and sweat)

–More strength training: I’ve been really slacking in this area of my cross-training. Hopefully with Juneathon I will get back into more of a routine. There have been some great work outs posted in Women’s Health that I want to try out.

–Running Group: I did my first group run this morning and it was fantastic. I will definitely keep going to them. I know the Fleet Feet store in Appleton also does group runs that I am interested in and I would love participate in those as well.

–Sign up for the Fox Cities Marathon and one other race on my schedule: I would like to sign up for the Marathon this month before the price goes up. And to sign up for either the Firecracker 5k or Packers 5k.

–Go to the YMCA and take a spinning class: We’ll see.

–Take more pictures: I take pictures for Project 365, but I want to be taking more flower pictures. I went to the Green Bay Botanical Gardens last month and I would like to go to the Appleton Gardens in June.

–Visit at least one friend: I want to visit my cousin, Amanda, in Madison. Or my friend, Tom, who also lives in Madison. Maybe I could visit both! Awesome.

–Finish ONE book: I know this is a sad goal. One book? Really? Yes, I know at the beginning of the year I had set the lofty goal of 25 books, and I really don’t see that happening, due to the fact that I’ve only read two books this year. I’m going to start with this one book goal for June and see what happens.

There they are, June Goals. Bring on summer! 🙂

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Go Big or Go Home

I’m doing the Fox Cities MARATHON in September. There, I said it. No going back now.

After thinking, pondering, and looking over training plans, I’ve decided the marathon is what I want to do this year. My half training is going really well right now. I enjoy my longer runs and always look forward to them. My plan right now calls for a 3 mile run on Monday and Wednesday’s. I never really look forward to those because I just get into a groove and rhythm and then I’m done. My longer runs are so much more enjoyable because after a while I forget I’m running and it’s just me and the path a head of me.

My half is on May 20 and then I have a week rest and start into my Marathon training. I’m using Hal Higdon‘s Novice 2 plan for the Marathon, like I’m following for my Half training. I like his plans because they are simple to follow and I can easily move things around to fit my life. I want to join the Pacesetters of the Fox Cities running group because they do long runs for the Fox Cities Marathon on Saturday’s. There are about five Saturday’s where my long run length is the same as what they are running, so I would like to join them for those runs.

I’ve also found five races that I would like to do throughout the summer.

–Bellin 10k: June
–Firecracker 5k: July
–Sawdust Day’s 5k: July
–Pacesetters XC 5k: August
–Cheesehead Half-Marathon: August

So, yes, that is my summer and I’m super excited. I can’t wait to run outside, push my body and see what it can do 🙂

Do you have any big goals for the summer?

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