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2012: Running

2012 brought a whole new adventure in running. I went from not being able to run at all in January, to completing my first full marathon in September. A few injuries along the way, but a great running year.

Total miles ran: 915

Total races: 10

Awards won: 2


DSCN4936Run 4 Home. Second in age group

Oshkosh 5k.

Fox Firecracker 5k. 5k PR

Packers 5k. Ran with my sister.


Festival Foods Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving


Bellin Run


Noodleini 15k


Cellcom Half-Marathon

Cheesehead Half-Marathon. 2nd in age group


Fox Cities Marathon.

The majority of my races this year were ran in the summer and this summer in Wisconsin was HOT! It seemed like every time I had a race it was ridiculously hot. I did a lot of my training in the afternoon after work, which I think helped in these races because it was obviously hotter in the afternoon. Most of my runs took place on the Fox River Trail, either near my house or in DePere. I also ran quite a bit on Saturday’s with my running group.

I had a great racing season in 2012 and I expect 2013 to bring even BIGGER races and accomplishments 😉

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Juneathon Day 26

My normal spot on the Fox River Trail has been closed (curious because people still seem to come from that way), so I’ve been running the other way the past two days. I don’t like going that way because there are a few more streets (and one quite busy street) that I have to cross. The normal way runs right behind a whole bunch of houses and is street free.

Today’s run was okay. Nothing magical about it. My pace seemed to be all over the place. Whatever. 6miles done.

Mile 1: 9:23

Mile 2: 9:24

Mile 3: 9:09

Mile 4: 9:09

Mile 5: 9 ;15

Mile 6: 8:51

Juneathon Day 26: 6.22miles. 57:14.

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Juneathon Day 18: Running from the Storm

I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to run outside today because it had been raining off and on all day. But thankfully, when I got done with work, it wasn’t raining. It didn’t look pleasant outside (and it was MUGGY!), but not raining. So I drove to my normal spot at the Fox River Trail and did my scheduled run.

It still looked like it might rain during, so I decided to just run as fast as I could the whole run. I would really like to PR the Firecracker 5k on July 4th. And I just wanted to see what I was capable of after Saturday’s bad run.

Well, I didn’t beat my current 5k time of 26:13, but I was close! I’m hoping that on July 4th at 8am, it won’t be 85-90 degrees outside, like it was this afternoon. That will probably give me a better chance of beating my PR.

Mile 1: 8:20

Mile 2: 8:27

Mile 3: 8:49

I beat the rain by about 5min. Success 🙂

Juneathon Day 18: 3.12miles. 26:40

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Pounding out the ANGER!

I’m getting a little early start to Juneathon, practicing blogging everyday.

I’ve been feeling a little down lately. Things just haven’t been going well. Yesterday it was my watch breaking and the weather (literally) raining on my parade at the Green Bay Botanical Gardens. Today I was expecting to get paid and it wasn’t deposited into my bank account. Then when I did get my check, it was only for one week of pay, instead of the two I thought it was going to be. Still getting used to the new job. I got moved around to different projects at work today and it was frustrating. To say that I was looking forward to my run would have been an understatement.

Usually, when I run, I don’t really think about anything exciting. Trying to catch the person in front of me, staying in the shade, checking my pace, enjoying the scenery. Today, however, my run was all about taking out my anger. My anger at my job, my money situation, personal things. Those were all up for grabs. And since my run was a pace run, I pounded those 5 miles out FIERCE!

Fox River

Since this was a pace run, I wanted to run fast, but conservatively so I could finish strong too. I also wanted to see how fast I could run these 5 miles, so I would have a good idea of a time for my 10k on June 9th.

The weather was PERFECT today. It wasn’t incredibly hot like the past few days (thank goodness) and there was a decent breeze. The trail wasn’t busy as it has been either.

And I remembered my iPod today! 100% better. It added to my anger running.

I do most of my runs on the Fox River Trail where I do an out and back. Today was 2.5 miles and then I turned around and ran 2.5 miles back. It’s mostly flat, with a few hilly areas. There is a lot of shade and it’s paved. Very runner, biker, rollerblader friendly.


Here are my miles:

Mile 1: 8:59- slow to start
Mile 2: 8:46- feeling strong
Mile 3: 9:06- part of the turnaround. Trying to get back speed
Mile 4: 8:57- almost done
Mile 5:  8:37- pretty sure I said in my head “I’m making this mile my b!#&h.” And I did.

I couldn’t be happier with my times. The whole run I felt amazing. When my 5 miles were done, I just wanted to keep going. Pretty sure I’m ready for the 10k.

I felt so much better about everything when I was done running. Sure, work still isn’t great and my money is still a problem, but for an 45 glorious minutes, I was able to get away from them and get absorbed in my run (and let out some pent up anger).

Does running help you get rid of anger?

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Fitness Friday: Recovery Week

This week has been really good! My legs were SUPER sore on Monday. Even walking up a little incline to get into my work building hurt. I sit almost all day at my new job, but on Monday I was able to stand and work at the shrink wrapping machine and I was sort of glad to stand and stretch out my legs. I think if I sat too long my legs would have gotten stiff. My chaffing is gone, but I did buy some body glide so it doesn’t happen again. Live and learn.

I FINALLY signed up for the Pacesetters running group. FINALLY! I’m really excited. They do weekly runs and they do training runs for the Fox Cities Marathon. I hope to make some running friends 🙂

Here is how my work outs have been this week:

Monday: Rest! All I wanted to do was sit and rest.

Tuesday: Elliptical for 30min. I was a little nervous, but my legs were okay.

Wednesday: First run! 3 miles on the Fox River Trail. I had planned on taking it slow and easy, but there was a runner in front of me at mile 2 and I just had to catch him. And once I was running at a decent speed, I couldn’t slow down.
Mile 1: 9:43
Mile 2: 9:36
Mile 3: 9:26

Thursday: Strength training, we meet again. I have been slacking on strength training lately and it makes me sad because I really enjoy it! I never look forward to it, but once I get going, I love it and never want to stop! I did a work out I found in this months issue of Women’s Health (which I just got May’s issue, it’s almost June already!)

Friday: 4 miles. Felt REALLY good and strong during this run. I tried to chase someone again and it worked well, haha. It was the perfect running weather today. Warm, but with a little breeze. Beautiful.
Mile 1: 9:33
Mile 2: 8:55 (I was chasin’!)
Mile 3: 9:21
Mile 4: 9:06

Overall, it’s been a great week! I’m planning on running 5 miles tomorrow and then I’m spending time with my cousin! Yay! Sunday=rest day. Monday is the start of my MARATHON TRAINING! BRING IT!

How do you recover from long distance racing?

Do you chase people when you run?

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