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2012: Running

2012 brought a whole new adventure in running. I went from not being able to run at all in January, to completing my first full marathon in September. A few injuries along the way, but a great running year.

Total miles ran: 915

Total races: 10

Awards won: 2


DSCN4936Run 4 Home. Second in age group

Oshkosh 5k.

Fox Firecracker 5k. 5k PR

Packers 5k. Ran with my sister.


Festival Foods Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving


Bellin Run


Noodleini 15k


Cellcom Half-Marathon

Cheesehead Half-Marathon. 2nd in age group


Fox Cities Marathon.

The majority of my races this year were ran in the summer and this summer in Wisconsin was HOT! It seemed like every time I had a race it was ridiculously hot. I did a lot of my training in the afternoon after work, which I think helped in these races because it was obviously hotter in the afternoon. Most of my runs took place on the Fox River Trail, either near my house or in DePere. I also ran quite a bit on Saturday’s with my running group.

I had a great racing season in 2012 and I expect 2013 to bring even BIGGER races and accomplishments 😉

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4 Months

Alright, so I took a 4-month blogging hiatus. Whoops. Don’t ask me what happened, because I really don’t know. Life happened I guess. Let’s catch up quickly.


I met the most wonderful man in July and we started dating in August. This is the best relationship I have been in and I could not be happier. He is supportive, loving, fun, and just amazing all around.

Ryan and I at his sister's wedding

Ryan and I at his sister’s wedding

Ran in the Cheesehead Half Marathon and (of course) it was a hot race. I took 2nd in my age group. Woot Woot!

2nd in Age Group!!

2nd in Age Group!!

Continued to train for the Fox Cities Marathon.
Started school at Fox Valley Tech in the Office Assistant Program.
Got a new (reliable) car!
Caught up with friends from college.


Oh, this was the month of the marathon. I’ll do a race recap, but yeah, I survived and it went really well!

First Marathon in the books!

First Marathon in the books!

I guess that was the big thing in September. Plugged away at school and hung out with Ryan and his friends.


Skipped out on the St. Joe’s 5k because of a downpour.
Started running inside.
More school.


Ran in the Festival Foods Turkey Trot. Did better than expected! Race report to come.
Ran in the Noodleini 15k. Not a good race. Race report to come.
Turned 24. Old woman here.
Started an Internship at a graphic design company.
Ate my way through three Thanksgivings.


Christmas presents bought.
Finished school with flying colors.
Celebrated Ryan’s birthday.
Still running inside.
Started making running goals for next year. Look the f**k out 2013.

So yes, that is the last 4 months in a very quick nutshell. I’ll catch up on race reports and do some other update posts. But I really want to get back into blogging. I really miss it.

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Not This Again!

This weekend is the Bellin Run 10k. And this is the projected weather for Saturday

Another hot, hot, hot race day! Just like the Cellcom Green Bay Marathon.

This race is sort of weird for me. I signed up in May and the race is already this weekend. I didn’t “train” for this race with it being right after my half. It isn’t a big race for me, like the half-marathon, I’ve ran 6+ miles already.

Don’t get my wrong, I’m really looking forward to this race.  The past two weekends have been pretty uneventful and I’ve been longing to go to a race expo and have a weekend like my half-marathon weekend. There are supposed to be 15,000+ registered runners. That’s crazy! It’s one of the bigger races in Wisconsin and one of the biggest 10ks in the US. It’s actually being televised this year.

Although part of me isn’t like “Gung ho” about it. I’ve been pretty focused on the half-marathon and now my marathon training that I really haven’t thought at all about this race. Haven’t thought about my goal time or pacing or anything. And that saddens me because I AM really looking forward to this race. It’s the Bellin Run! Countless years before I’ve seen the results in the newspaper the next day. Now I’m going to be one of those names.

So today I started thinking about timing and pacing and what my goal time I would like to have. The only 10k I’ve ran has been in my training (57:34) and I would really, really, really (really, really, really) like to beat that time. Last week I ran my angry pace run of 5miles in 45min. Even if I ran a 10min/mi that last mile I would still beat my time. It would be fantastic to break 55min.

I watched a video with a description of the course and there isn’t a lot of turns. Pretty straight. The first two miles is a gradual uphill, then a downhill with a sharp uphill and that’s the halfway point. Then it’s flat and straight until the finish. Sounds pretty decent to me. There are five water stations along the course and I plan to stop at all of them if it’s going to be so hot. That seemed to work well for me during the half-marathon.

My plan for the rest of the week is to drink plenty of water leading up to the race. I want to buy some Gatorade or a drink of that nature for after the race. After the Cellcom they handed out water, but I knew my body needed more than that at that time. I couldn’t really think clearly and after I went to the bathroom, I needed something right now. So I would like it if my dad had something with him for after the race.

I still want to do my long run of 9miles at some point this week, whether it’s Thursday or tomorrow. I might not have to work tomorrow and it would be great to do 9miles and then do 3miles on both Thursday and Friday leading to race day (pseudo tapering). We will see what tomorrow brings. Otherwise, 9miles Thursday, 3miles Friday.

Yes I want to beat my previous 10k time, but if it’s hot, I know I will need to slow it down. I’m hoping that by doing my marathon training in the afternoons, my body has gotten used to running in warmer temperatures. It’s been two weeks since my half-marathon and I’ve ran in the afternoon for almost every run after. I think my body might be more prepared for the heat. But I will still listen to my bodies cues if I need to slow down.

I have my outfit picked out already. Almost the same as what I wore for my half. Stick with what you know. I was perfectly comfortable running 13.1 miles in that. 6.2 should feel the same.

3 days remaining. The expo is Friday afternoon. My sister and I are planning on picking up my bib and then probably driving the course again. My dad is coming with me to the race on Saturday because it doesn’t start until 8:00am. I want to tape the race too, seeing it’s being televised.

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Juneathon Day 2: Group Run

I went to my first run with the running group I joined!

Each Saturday until the Fox Cities Marathon in September, they do training runs to help people get prepared. There are routes for the half-marathon and full marathon. It’s free to participate and there are refreshments after and even water stations along the course!

I was really nervous going this morning because I didn’t know anyone. I have done two races the PaceSetters have put on (St. Joe’s and Run 4 Home) and they always do a nice job.

When I arrived at the meeting point (Runaway Shoes in Darboy), the lady who was in charge was really nice and told me what I needed to do. I had to sign a waiver and told me that there were Port-a-potties at the side of the building. Also, there were little ID holders that we used to put the directions of the route in. I thought that was a good idea, so no one would get lost.

After some group stretches, we were off and running at 7:00. I forgot to start my watch right away (nervous), and I ended up starting a little faster than I would have liked. Oops. And I sort of got caught up in the moment. It was almost like running a race with all the people (about 50), so it was a little exciting too.

Mile 1: 9:06
Mile 2: 9:18
Mile 3: 9:24
Mile 4: 9:12
Mile 5: 9:29
Mile 6: 9:38

There were water/Gatorade stations at miles 2.5 and 5.5 along the 7mile route. I was sort of using this run as a practice run for the Bellin next Saturday. After the first mile or so, people were pretty spread out and I stayed behind the same person the whole time. I didn’t run with anyone, but that was okay. I just got lost in my thoughts. It was a nice morning to run and I hope the weather is this nice next Saturday.

Right after the last water station, I thought I had a rock in my shoe. It actually turned out to be a huge hole in my sock and my foot was painfully rubbing my shoe. It hurt so badly. That was the only time I stopped (besides the water stations). Two guys caught up with me then and we finished about the same time.

Bagels and grapes were set out for us when we got back, along with water and coffee. One of the guys that caught up with me, came up to me and said that it looked like I had a good run. They followed me the whole time and my pace was dead on the whole time, except for when I checked out my shoe pain. I thanked him and then he went to go get some water. That made my day! I am always worried about my pacing. Going too fast, too slow, going all over. Best comment.

Next week I won’t be able to join them, because I’ll be running the Bellin, but I’m hoping to go every week. I would love to make some running friends. Everyone today seemed really friendly and helpful.

I ran 7, but forgot to start my watch right away

Juneathon day 2 complete: 7mile run. 1:04:32

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Project 365: Days 139-144

Wow, I hadn’t realized how long it had been since I did a Project 365 posts. Oops. Probably because there are just lots of pictures of my dogs. And Running. And some randoms thrown in for good measure.

Here are days 139-144

May 19

Half-Marathon outfit ready to go!

May 20

My half-marathon finisher medal

May 21

New magnets for my car 🙂

May 22

Finally a spot where I can put my medals and bibs!

May 23

First run after the half-marathon!

May 23

Molly helping me on the computer

May 24

Penny scratches at our basement door. Which means she wants to go down there and be nosy.

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Fitness Friday: Recovery Week

This week has been really good! My legs were SUPER sore on Monday. Even walking up a little incline to get into my work building hurt. I sit almost all day at my new job, but on Monday I was able to stand and work at the shrink wrapping machine and I was sort of glad to stand and stretch out my legs. I think if I sat too long my legs would have gotten stiff. My chaffing is gone, but I did buy some body glide so it doesn’t happen again. Live and learn.

I FINALLY signed up for the Pacesetters running group. FINALLY! I’m really excited. They do weekly runs and they do training runs for the Fox Cities Marathon. I hope to make some running friends 🙂

Here is how my work outs have been this week:

Monday: Rest! All I wanted to do was sit and rest.

Tuesday: Elliptical for 30min. I was a little nervous, but my legs were okay.

Wednesday: First run! 3 miles on the Fox River Trail. I had planned on taking it slow and easy, but there was a runner in front of me at mile 2 and I just had to catch him. And once I was running at a decent speed, I couldn’t slow down.
Mile 1: 9:43
Mile 2: 9:36
Mile 3: 9:26

Thursday: Strength training, we meet again. I have been slacking on strength training lately and it makes me sad because I really enjoy it! I never look forward to it, but once I get going, I love it and never want to stop! I did a work out I found in this months issue of Women’s Health (which I just got May’s issue, it’s almost June already!)

Friday: 4 miles. Felt REALLY good and strong during this run. I tried to chase someone again and it worked well, haha. It was the perfect running weather today. Warm, but with a little breeze. Beautiful.
Mile 1: 9:33
Mile 2: 8:55 (I was chasin’!)
Mile 3: 9:21
Mile 4: 9:06

Overall, it’s been a great week! I’m planning on running 5 miles tomorrow and then I’m spending time with my cousin! Yay! Sunday=rest day. Monday is the start of my MARATHON TRAINING! BRING IT!

How do you recover from long distance racing?

Do you chase people when you run?

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Planning and Pondering

My half-marathon is done (sadness) and summer is approaching. So I’ve been looking up races for the rest of the year. “But Kayla, it’s only May.” Yes, but I’m a planner, organizer, and obsessive list maker, I shall plan out the rest of my year now!

After looking up races in Wisconsin and wanting to do them ALL, I’ve decided on focusing on broadening my racing distances. So far, I’ve only done two race distances, 5k and Half-Marathon. The rest of the year I want to do other distances:10k, 5m, 10m, marathon, 15k. And it just so happens I’ve found races in the remaining year to cover all those distances! How convenient 😛

My next race is the Bellin 10k on June 9th. I’m looking forward to this race a lot. There are 14,000 people registered so far. It’s going to be great.

Many of the races during the summer were 5k’s. I enjoy running 5k’s because they are fast. I don’t really like running 3 miles in training, but in racing it’s just fast and fun. In July there are two 5k’s I want to do. The Fox Firecracker 5k on July 4th and the Packers 5k on July 28th. The Packers 5k I want to run with my sister. The last part of the race is ran through Lambeau Field and it’s a night race. I think it would be a fun one to do with her.

In August there is another 5k, the Pacesetters XC. It’s another night run through a park in Oshkosh. The Pacesetters running group also puts on a Half-Marathon in August, the Cheesehead Run. I want to do that one to get ready for my Marathon in September.

Oh, yeah, September I’m definitely running the Fox Cities Marathon. I’m not scared. I can do this. I battled the heat during my Half-Marathon and through my training I’ve become such a stronger runner and stronger person. I’m definitely doing the Marathon. I’m going back to school in the fall, the Marathon will be my last big race of the year.

I found a 10mile trail run in October. Trail run? Sounds interesting and fun to me! It’s at the Brown County Reforestation Camp.

There are two (maybe three) races in November. World Run Day is November 11th. People sign up online and run whatever length they want. This one is a maybe. Like last year, I want to do the Festival Foods Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving. Only this year I want to run 5m! I will not be injured! The Noodleini is that Sunday and it’s a 15k.

There it is. The rest of the year. 5k’s, a 10k, a Marathon, a 10mile, a 5mile, and a 15k. Am I pumped? Yes. I can’t wait to test out my body, stamina, and strength in these other distances. Sure, I’ve did all these distances in my training, but training and racing aren’t the same. Racing brings so much adrenaline. It brings out a side of myself that is not seen during training. I’ve ran countless 3 mile training runs during my half-marathon training. Where is my 5k PR from? The Oshkosh 5k. That was a great race for me. I PR’d by 2 minutes and just felt awesome the entire time. Do I feel that way during my training 3 mile runs? Usually not. Thus the reason for picking these different racing distances for the end of this year.

Next year (yes, next year), I would love to do the Cellcom Green Bay Marathon again, but also dabble in some farther distances. The Green Bay Running Club puts on a 6hour/8hour Ultra Marathon in June. Runners get 6 or 8 hours to complete as many miles as they can. Intriguing. It is also a green event (meaning runners have to bring their own water bottle to fill up at water stations), which is always a plus in my book. This is one event I would like to check out. Also, in October, there is another Ultra Marathon that takes place in Door County, The Fall 50. It’s either a solo run or a relay. This sounds like a great challenge. And all the pictures on their website show everyone pretty happy and having a good time. Next year is still a long ways off, these are just races I’ve been bouncing around in my head.

This has been my planning and pondering since my half-marathon. I’m pretty excited for the rest of the year. I get paid tomorrow, so I would like to sign up for another race on my list. Yay!

How far in advance do you plan races?

Have you done any ultra marathons?

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Half-Marathon Weekend!

These are the few days leading up to the Sunday race. I started writing one big post and it got to be a HUGE post. So I decided to break it down and probably post the actual race tomorrow.

I did my taper the week before. Monday I ran 3, Tuesday and Wednesday were 2. Thursday I had some appointments after work, so I didn’t run.

Since Wednesday, the weather for Sunday was supposed to be hot, hot, hot. Saturday was around 90 and Sunday was supposed to only a few degrees less. The race organizers took extra precautions to make more water stations, include cups of ice at some of the stations, and increased medical personnel. They also encouraged anyone who lived along the route to put out sprinklers or hoses so the runners could go under and cool off. People who were planning on running the full marathon could switch to the half marathon on race day and wouldn’t be disqualified.

The race organizers really did everything they could to make the race safe for the runners and did a good job keeping everyone informed about the weather. Every local news show had something about the weather and the race prepping for it. They posted things on their Facebook page about the extra precautions, as well as on their official website.

I went to the expo both days. On Friday I looked around and bought a few things. The expo was located inside the Lambeau Field Atrium. There were about 80 booths and it was quite overwhelming! At the Oshkosh 5k, there were about 15 booths. I was really excited to look around!

Heading into Lambeau

These are the things I bought. I got the shirt with my registration and my bib.

I went to the expo again on Saturday to pick up my bib with my sister and drive the course. She was the navigator (and a very good one!) It helped a lot to drive the course and see where I was going to be running instead of going in blindly. After the expo I got all my things together that I would be taking and laid out my outfit. That night I sat around and watched TV for most of the day. Went to church at night and got to bed at 10pm.

Race Outfit

Race Recap next!

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Project 365: Days 128, 130-133

After I ended my job at Walmart on May 3rd, I took the following week off and relaxed before starting my new job on May 14th. It was really nice to not worry about work. I did what I wanted and got some stuff done, too. These pictures (minus May 9th because I didn’t take a pic that day) are mostly from the days I was at home.

Here are days 128, 130-132:

May 8


May 8


May 8

Shy Penny

May 10

Trip to Bellin hospital for a drug test for my new job!

May 10

Score. Thank you UK for making these. And thank you Barnes and Noble for carrying them 🙂

May 11

Last long run of my half-marathon training. This was before my run because I’m still smiling.

May 12

What!? There’s another picture of my dogs. Yes, yes there is.

May 13

All 623 of my ducks set up in my parents garage. Epic.

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Taper Time!

9 days! Holy man. I registered for this race in March and it seemed so far away and now it’s only 9 DAYS AWAY!!!

I’ve been chatting with my family about where they are going to be along the course and it just so happens that the route goes right passed my aunt and uncles house! How convenient! So their plan is to find me there. And it’s right on a turn, so they will be able to see me for a while. It’s right around mile 6-7.

The half-marathon also has a Track Your Runner sign-up, where you get texts about where your runner is on the course. I looked up my bib number and I’m 10,232. Wow. Crazy amount of runners.

After my grueling long run on Friday, I was just planning on doing some strength training on Saturday. But when my sister asked me when I was going running on Saturday and if she could come along, I couldn’t turn her down 🙂 So I strength trained while watching Glee in the morning and then we did a slow 3 miles in the afternoon. It felt good to shake out my legs and make sure they weren’t broken from the day before. We then did some mothers day shopping and ate at Culver’s. Sunday was a rest day and wonderful Mother’s Days spent with my mom, grandma and rest of my family.

Today I started my new job. My shift is from 8-4:30 and then I did 3 miles after. At Walmart, I was constantly moving, constantly walking. At my new job, I sit, all day. Quite a difference. So when I started my run, my legs really didn’t want to cooperate. But after about 0.30 miles, they got into it and it was the best paced run I’ve done so far in my training. My miles were 9:25, 9:25, 9:26. Wow, I hope I can do that on Sunday! Only just a tad faster 😛 My body isn’t used to running in the afternoon yet, so, I’m hoping, that on Sunday it will be ready and primed for the 7am start time!

Tomorrow my plan says 2 miles but I’m thinking of hooking up with the Fleet Feet running group that meet up and run in Appleton. I think they do 3 miles, but it will be a fun 3 miles. Wednesday is 2 miles. Thursday rest. Friday walking. Saturday expo. Sunday HALF-MARATHON!! 🙂

Do you sit all day at your job? How does it affect your running?

Are you good at pacing your runs?

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