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Juneathon Day 16: Like a Slug

I ran with my running group again this morning. We met again at Runaway Shoes in Darboy. Today the plan was 10miles.

The whole run I just felt “off”. I couldn’t find a good rhythm at the start. Things got okay for miles 3 and 4, but then things went downhill from there. I felt really sluggish today, too. My speedy pace from Wednesday was no where to be found. I felt like I had to go to the bathroom the whole time. Not a good feeling.

It was pretty decent running weather. Cooler in the start, warming up towards the end. I couldn’t wait to get back to Runaway Shoes and use the porta-potty (who else can say they are LOOKING FORWARD to using a porta-potty?!) I didn’t feel that much better after. I ate a piece of bagel that was set out for everyone (Runaway Shoes is next to Big Apple Bagels in a strip mall), and then left.

I think there were two main factors to why this run wasn’t a particularly good one. 1) I was sort of hungry the whole time. I ate a Clif Bar before I left, but I should have had a banana as well. 2) Monthly visitor is approaching. Do any other female runners feel sluggish and crappy during this time? I felt this way in April, too. Boo being a girl sometimes. So I don’t think either of those situations helped. Next week the mileage drops down to 7 before going back up to 12 the week after. Hopefully those go better!

Mile 1: 9:25
Mile 2: 9:40
Mile 3: 9:27
Mile 4: 9:25
Mile 5: 9:40
Mile 6: 9:53
Mile 7: 9:50
Mile 8: 10:15
Mile 9: 10:24

  Juneathon Day 16: 9.6miles. 1hr 34min.

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Juneathon Day 13: Positive Consequences

Today was a great run. If I would have ran like I did today during the Bellin Run last Saturday, I would have had a HUGE PR.

The running group I joined was offering a fun run today in Menasha at 6:00. There was a 5k route and a 10k route. I was debating on which one I wanted, but I opted for the 10k. This has been only my second group run, so I was a little nervous. I didn’t really talk to anyone when I got there. Everyone seemed to come with a friend or know someone else. I looked at the map they provided and used the bathroom (because we met at a park pavilion). At 6:00pm, we were off and going.

I started off faster than I would have liked. Stupid me. But I was feeling really good with the pace I started off with, so I went with it. See how long I could hold on for. Everyone started in a pack, but then people trickled off and it was just me, a wife and husband who was pushing a jogging stroller, and an older man. I kept pace with them, staying slightly behind, but keeping up. Then we reached on intersection and they all stopped. They were lost. I gave them my map and they figured out where we were, but now that we weren’t following the directions (at least I don’t think we were, we went down some roads that weren’t on the map), I knew I couldn’t lose them in fear of getting lost myself.

Now I had to keep this fast pace for the next 3.5miles. It was hard, but I knew I could do it. Even though I wasn’t part of their group, they knew I was there and kept making sure I was still following. We finally made it back onto the map and we only had about 1.5miles left. I still was feeling pretty good. Tired, but good. My pace was staying steady on my watch, only a little ways left.

We reached the park and I felt so good. I held a pretty hard pace for me for 6miles! I couldn’t have been happier. There were subs and ice cream at the pavilion. I ate a sub and drank some water and then left.

If I wouldn’t have started out somewhat fast and ended up following that group, I probably wouldn’t have ran that fast. It was definitely a positive mistake that I made.

Mile 1: 8:47
Mile 2: 8:45
Mile 3: 8:55
Mile 4: 8:57
Mile 5: 8:44

All under 9minutes! Yahoo!

Juneathon Day 13: 6miles in 52.50

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Juneathon Day 11: Rare Morning Run

Today I was able to run in the morning because I didn’t have to work! It is supposed to rain this afternoon, so this worked out well. I ran on the Fox River Trail that goes almost right by my house. About a 2min drive. It wasn’t that sunny, but I still sweated up a storm! I think it was that the trail is lined with trees that don’t let a lot of breeze in.

It took a little while for me to get going. Maybe because I’ve been running in the afternoon? I’m not sure. When there was wind, it was blowing right at me. When I turned around though, then that is when it was really hot. Never a happy medium!

Either way, it was a good run and I got to test out my new white shorts! One of the reasons I bought them is because they have three pockets! One inside and then two on the back. I might use these as my long run shorts so I can store my gel in the pockets. Although I will probably have to bring a plastic bag for the empty packets. The little bit of gel that is left inside seems to get all over. Does anyone else have that problem?

Rare Morning Run Excitement!










Juneathon Day 11: 3.5mi in 32:09

Mile 1: 9:34

Mile 2: 9:33

Mile 3: 8:44

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Juneathon Day 9: Bellin Run 10k Recap

This morning was the Bellin Run 10k and it went really well!

Friday, my sister and I went to the expo, which was held in Astor Park in Green Bay. It was really hot, but the booths were all under tents, so it wasn’t too bad. I picked up my bib and t-shirt. This was the first race I’ve been in that’s used Corrals, and I ended up being in Corral 3. Then we did some browsing around and shopping. I was able to register for the Fox Cities Marathon and it was $10 off the current registration price! $60, I’ll take that. I also bought some white shorts and a blue Bellin Run shirt.

This race isn’t capped, so there were roughly 18,400 people running. The largest race I’ve been in so far.


This pool looked so refreshing












I got home after the expo and got all my things together. The chip for my shoe had the race name and date on it! I thought that was pretty fancy!


The race didn’t start until 8:00am this morning, so I got up at 6:00 and ate a banana, a Clif Bar, and drank some water. My dad and I left at about 6:30. We were able to find a decent parking spot and then we walked to Astor Park.

My aunt was running too, and we found her out of 18,000 people!

She was in Corral 1. Speedster.

Around 7:35 we migrated over to our corrals. I gave my camera to my dad (he’s not that great with technology) and went to wait for the start.

Next to me in the Corral was a guy with a shirt that said “Bellin Run Legend”. I wanted to talk to him, but I was too nervous shy. The Bellin Run Legends have ran in all 36 Bellin Runs. That’s a pretty good accomplishment! Their bibs were red, instead of the color corresponding to what corral you were in.

At 8:00 the race started and my dad caught a few pictures of the first groups of people (which was great because I never get to see the start!)

My Team Triumph

This organization lets kids and adults with disabilities participate in road races, even if they can’t run. The disabled person, known as the captain, is pushed or pulled through the race by their angel. My Team Triumph has been in three of the races I’ve done (Oshkosh, Cellcom, Bellin).








Crazy guy in the green suit!

I crossed the start line at 8:08. The course is laid out well. It goes through Green Bay and then through some residential areas. The only downside was that there wasn’t a whole lot of shade. When it’s 75 degrees, everyone was looking for shade. There was one stretch where there were NO TREES AT ALL. It was super hot and no aid stations on that road either. A few hills, but nothing too steep. Lots of spectators. Radio stations were at almost every mile marker. There was energy (and people) everywhere.

For this race, I really wanted to beat my 10k time (57:34). I used a pace calculator that I found online to figure out what I’d have to run for a solid 57:00. This morning I wrote them on my wrist so I would remember. Even though it was supposed to be hot, I’ve ran in the afternoon since my half-marathon and I think my body is getting better running in the warmer temperatures.

I started out slowly. I was feeling pretty good. The heat wasn’t TOO bad yet, and this was the part of the course with shade. Because it was only 6.2 miles, I didn’t plan on taking water/Gatorade at every aid station. I planned on stopping at 2. Also, like the Cellcom, residents were encouraged to put out sprinklers.

Mile 1: 9:29

Mile 2: 9:18

Mile 3: 9:06

That first mile was a little crazy. There were obviously a ton of people to weave around and I just couldn’t find a decent pace. I was trying to not go out too fast. It was hard. Mile 2 seemed to fly by, probably because it was downhill. I took some water at the aid station around mile 2. Mile 3 was kind of a blur. I think that was the part with no shade. My time at the 5k point was 29:05.

Mile 4: 9:03 (I didn’t feel that fast!)

Mile 5: 9:12

Mile 6: 9:09

I took some Gatorade around mile 5 and I think I lost some of my speed there. The water stations were really crowded. There were also a lot of kids participating in this race, and they always ran in groups. It was hard to weave around them and most of them were running sort of willy-nilly.

Whenever I’m training and I have mile 1 left, I keep repeating that in my head. I countdown that last mile “3/4s to go!” “Halfway done!” “You’re so close!” Well, I definitely did that during that last mile. As we got closer to the 5.5 mile mark, there were more and more spectators. I knew the finish was so close. That last bit I was just running on pure adrenaline. Running for a new PR. It felt great! I missed where my dad and uncle were standing, but my dad caught a picture! Yay!

I ran fast, fast, fast to the finish and I did beat my 10k time! By 16secs! That first mile was slower than I wanted, but I’m still happy with my new PR!

Once you crossed the finish line, there was a LONG walk back to the park. There were people handing out water and you could get a finish photo for free. I got a photo and then my aunt and I got one together too.  We went back to the park, but it was getting really hot, so we left.

Overall, it was a good race, even with the heat. The crowd support was great. The water stations seemed to have plenty of water and there were extra precautions due to the heat. The only downside to this race is the amount of runners on a 10k course. Some of the bigger half-marathons have about the same amount of runners, but those runners can spread out over 13.1 miles. Over 6.2 miles, there isn’t a lot of space for people to spread around. So that was the only downside to not having this event capped.

I’m happy with my new 10k. And it was my first 10k! Next up (once I register) is the Firecracker 5k on the Fourth of July!

Juneathon Day 9: 6.2 miles. 57:18

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Juneathon Day 7: So Close

Today I had a 3 mile run scheduled. I wanted to try for a new 5k PR and negative split. So this morning I figured out what paces I needed to run, wrote them down and headed for work.

It was super hot today and I was worried about running hard and fast. Once I started though, it went pretty well. It was hard, I didn’t think I was going to make it, but I did. And I didn’t get my PR. Mainly because I thought my PR was 26:56, instead of what it actually is, 26:13. Silly me. So I guess I will still have something to work for.

Exhausted legs

No PR Disappointment

I still ran fast though!

Juneathon Day 7: 3.1miles. 27:01

Mile 1: 8:55

Mile 2: 8:34

Mile 3: 8:36

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Juneathon Day 6: National Running Day

Happy National Running Day! I celebrated by running 7miles. Amazing. My legs were feeling good today, unlike yesterday. My pacing wasn’t the greatest, but overall, a good run.

Mile 1: 9:27
Mile 2: 9:20
Mile 3: 9:21
Mile 4: 9:17
Mile 5: 9:18
Mile 6: 9:11
Mile 7: 9:34

Beautiful Day for running!

National Running Day! Yahoo!!

Decent run. Ready for the Bellin!

Juneathon day 6: 7.07miles. 1:06:11











Because it is National Running Day, I wanted to list the reasons why I fell in love with running.

–Running has given me a lot more self-confidence. If you had told me 5 years ago that I would have ran a half-marathon and am training for a full-marathon when I am 23, I wouldn’t have believed you. I didn’t have a lot of self-confidence back then, but running has helped me believe in myself and my abilities. I KNOW I can run 3miles without a problem. I KNOW I am capable of running 12 miles. And I KNOW that after my training I will be able to conquer 26.2 miles! I’m not afraid to ask questions, try new things, and do things on my own. I want to push myself, see what my body is capable of. Test the limits and then test them further.

–With running and training, I always want to better myself. I want to be faster, stronger, have good pacing, get in a good rhythm. I lift weights to build a strong body. A strong body that can carry me distances of 6,9,12+ miles. A strong body that will help me be faster. Not only will bettering myself improve my running, but it improves my quality of every day life. At work, I know I can lift heavy things, be on my feet for hours, and move around with ease because my body is strong and able.

–Runners have their own little community. While running today, I must have passed two dozen runners (and countless bikers, walkers, rollerbladers. We will just focus on the runners), and over half of them either gave me a little wave or said Hi. I will probably never see that person again in my life, but they were friendly enough to say Hi. I find that I’m friendlier when I’m running. I wave and say Hi to people as well. We’re all out there for our own reasons, but we’re all running. A race is the same idea. We all line up at the start with the same goal: cross the finish line. Everyone is full of adrenaline and excitement, that you can’t help but chat with the person standing next to you as you’re waiting for the start.

–Last Tuesday I was having a difficult day. So I took all my anger out on my run. I ran as fast and hard as I could. Getting all my aggression out. And I felt so much better after. I was singing in the car, happy about my run. All my problems melted away for those minutes while running. It felt great. Running, for me, has been a great stress release. If I’m having a problem, worry, bad day, I can look forward to my run and just go all out.

–I used to pay VERY close attention to numbers on the scale. Whatever it said that morning, depicted the rest of my day. It’s not fun living like that. When I started running, I stopped obsessing about those numbers. I started feeding my body what it needed. I want my body to be a well-fueled machine that is capable of anything. Everything in moderation. I weigh myself once, sometimes every other week. Whatever I feel like. I’ve stayed around the same weight for about 6months now. Sure, I would love to weight a little less. But I guess my body is happy right where it is. I don’t want to obsess and fret about one number. The only numbers I want to worry about are PR‘s 🙂

Those are my main reasons for running. I wouldn’t have thought any of that a year ago, but what a difference a year makes. I feel like a whole new (and better) person since I found running. I want to take care of myself and keep myself healthy and strong. Live a long and happy life, one mile at a time 😀

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Not This Again!

This weekend is the Bellin Run 10k. And this is the projected weather for Saturday

Another hot, hot, hot race day! Just like the Cellcom Green Bay Marathon.

This race is sort of weird for me. I signed up in May and the race is already this weekend. I didn’t “train” for this race with it being right after my half. It isn’t a big race for me, like the half-marathon, I’ve ran 6+ miles already.

Don’t get my wrong, I’m really looking forward to this race.  The past two weekends have been pretty uneventful and I’ve been longing to go to a race expo and have a weekend like my half-marathon weekend. There are supposed to be 15,000+ registered runners. That’s crazy! It’s one of the bigger races in Wisconsin and one of the biggest 10ks in the US. It’s actually being televised this year.

Although part of me isn’t like “Gung ho” about it. I’ve been pretty focused on the half-marathon and now my marathon training that I really haven’t thought at all about this race. Haven’t thought about my goal time or pacing or anything. And that saddens me because I AM really looking forward to this race. It’s the Bellin Run! Countless years before I’ve seen the results in the newspaper the next day. Now I’m going to be one of those names.

So today I started thinking about timing and pacing and what my goal time I would like to have. The only 10k I’ve ran has been in my training (57:34) and I would really, really, really (really, really, really) like to beat that time. Last week I ran my angry pace run of 5miles in 45min. Even if I ran a 10min/mi that last mile I would still beat my time. It would be fantastic to break 55min.

I watched a video with a description of the course and there isn’t a lot of turns. Pretty straight. The first two miles is a gradual uphill, then a downhill with a sharp uphill and that’s the halfway point. Then it’s flat and straight until the finish. Sounds pretty decent to me. There are five water stations along the course and I plan to stop at all of them if it’s going to be so hot. That seemed to work well for me during the half-marathon.

My plan for the rest of the week is to drink plenty of water leading up to the race. I want to buy some Gatorade or a drink of that nature for after the race. After the Cellcom they handed out water, but I knew my body needed more than that at that time. I couldn’t really think clearly and after I went to the bathroom, I needed something right now. So I would like it if my dad had something with him for after the race.

I still want to do my long run of 9miles at some point this week, whether it’s Thursday or tomorrow. I might not have to work tomorrow and it would be great to do 9miles and then do 3miles on both Thursday and Friday leading to race day (pseudo tapering). We will see what tomorrow brings. Otherwise, 9miles Thursday, 3miles Friday.

Yes I want to beat my previous 10k time, but if it’s hot, I know I will need to slow it down. I’m hoping that by doing my marathon training in the afternoons, my body has gotten used to running in warmer temperatures. It’s been two weeks since my half-marathon and I’ve ran in the afternoon for almost every run after. I think my body might be more prepared for the heat. But I will still listen to my bodies cues if I need to slow down.

I have my outfit picked out already. Almost the same as what I wore for my half. Stick with what you know. I was perfectly comfortable running 13.1 miles in that. 6.2 should feel the same.

3 days remaining. The expo is Friday afternoon. My sister and I are planning on picking up my bib and then probably driving the course again. My dad is coming with me to the race on Saturday because it doesn’t start until 8:00am. I want to tape the race too, seeing it’s being televised.

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Juneathon Day 5: “Run like you can’t stop”

“Run like you can’t stop.” Someone wrote that quote on the trail I was running on today. I thought it was fitting when I saw it because it was during my last mile and I was trying to end really strong.

I got out of work an hour early today, which is always a plus. And the weather was absolutely beautiful out! Nice breeze, sun shining, not too hot. The perfect running weather. I only hope it will be like this for my race on Saturday.

After not running for two days, my legs were a little heavy getting started. I took it pretty slow for the first mile and then sped up for the rest (besides the turnaround point, that’s always slows me down).

Wonderful trail

Because I didn’t run yesterday and have to move my 3mile run to Friday, I’ll be running 5 days in a row. The last time I did that I got injured (stupid knees). So I really want to play this smart. I slowed down my 5miles today. I need my knees and body to feel good for the remainder of the week: 3miles tomorrow, 9miles on Thursday, 3miles Friday, 6.2 race Saturday. Getting to bed early and giving my legs rest is on my agenda this week. As well as not strength training until Sunday. I know my weight work outs have been going well because I’m a little sore, so I want to give my body some healing time from weights until after my race and I’m back on my routine.

After the first mile, I felt pretty good. My legs remembered what they needed to do and I just thought about the rest of the week. My average pace for the majority of my run was between 9:20-9:23/mile. That felt pretty good. I kicked it into high gear for the last mile and my average was 9:16/mile. A good run in my book.

Mile 1: 9:33
Mile 2: 9:12
Mile 3: 9:23 (stupid turnaround)
Mile 4: 9:18
Mile 5: 8:58

Ready for my 10k on Saturday!

Sorry, blurry

Juneathon Day 5: 5.1mile run. 47:19

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Juneathon Day 2: Group Run

I went to my first run with the running group I joined!

Each Saturday until the Fox Cities Marathon in September, they do training runs to help people get prepared. There are routes for the half-marathon and full marathon. It’s free to participate and there are refreshments after and even water stations along the course!

I was really nervous going this morning because I didn’t know anyone. I have done two races the PaceSetters have put on (St. Joe’s and Run 4 Home) and they always do a nice job.

When I arrived at the meeting point (Runaway Shoes in Darboy), the lady who was in charge was really nice and told me what I needed to do. I had to sign a waiver and told me that there were Port-a-potties at the side of the building. Also, there were little ID holders that we used to put the directions of the route in. I thought that was a good idea, so no one would get lost.

After some group stretches, we were off and running at 7:00. I forgot to start my watch right away (nervous), and I ended up starting a little faster than I would have liked. Oops. And I sort of got caught up in the moment. It was almost like running a race with all the people (about 50), so it was a little exciting too.

Mile 1: 9:06
Mile 2: 9:18
Mile 3: 9:24
Mile 4: 9:12
Mile 5: 9:29
Mile 6: 9:38

There were water/Gatorade stations at miles 2.5 and 5.5 along the 7mile route. I was sort of using this run as a practice run for the Bellin next Saturday. After the first mile or so, people were pretty spread out and I stayed behind the same person the whole time. I didn’t run with anyone, but that was okay. I just got lost in my thoughts. It was a nice morning to run and I hope the weather is this nice next Saturday.

Right after the last water station, I thought I had a rock in my shoe. It actually turned out to be a huge hole in my sock and my foot was painfully rubbing my shoe. It hurt so badly. That was the only time I stopped (besides the water stations). Two guys caught up with me then and we finished about the same time.

Bagels and grapes were set out for us when we got back, along with water and coffee. One of the guys that caught up with me, came up to me and said that it looked like I had a good run. They followed me the whole time and my pace was dead on the whole time, except for when I checked out my shoe pain. I thanked him and then he went to go get some water. That made my day! I am always worried about my pacing. Going too fast, too slow, going all over. Best comment.

Next week I won’t be able to join them, because I’ll be running the Bellin, but I’m hoping to go every week. I would love to make some running friends. Everyone today seemed really friendly and helpful.

I ran 7, but forgot to start my watch right away

Juneathon day 2 complete: 7mile run. 1:04:32

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Gobble, Gobble, Hobble, Hobble

Happy Belated Thanksgiving! I hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving, full of food and family. I walked in the Festival Foods Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving and here is my recap.

I woke up at 6am Thursday morning and got my clothes ready. I wasn’t really too concerned about this race because I was going to do the 2 mile walk instead of the 5 mile run. My leg/butt still hurt whenever I walked or attempted to run, so I was going to switch when I got to the race.

We left the house at 6:35 and got to the race at 6:50. I’m liking running these races close to home. The email that was sent the day before said that we should get there early to beat lines and get good parking. Well, we got there PLENTY early. I picked up my bib and switched from the 5 mile to the 2 mile. That took all of about 10 min, so needless to say, we had a while to wait. We sat in the car and watched all the people come in. There was even a guy dressed up as a cob of corn! Mental note: next year, get festive head gear.

7:30 rolled around and I figured I should head towards the start. First I picked up my cute little pie. Then I was going to try and find my sister. Miraculously, I found her and her two friends that were running too. We stood around and chatted until the race was going to start. The only thing I didn’t like about this race was it was sort of unorganized. There were supposed to be three waves. Wave 1 was the 5 milers. Wave 2 was the 2 milers minus strollers and dogs. Wave 3 was the 2 milers with dogs and strollers. Only there wasn’t any direction on where the waves started and ended. There weren’t any announcements or anything, people just started lining up and going. So that was sort of confusing.

The race started and my sister and her friend took off running (jealous) and I started my walk. I didn’t want to do a leisurely walk because I didn’t want to take forever and I wanted to get some form of workout in. I got into my quick work pace and it was smooth sailing from there. My leg didn’t hurt that much and I really wanted to try running, but I didn’t want to hurt it more. So I stuck to my quick walk pace. Believe me though, I was really jealous of the runners. I just had to keep telling myself that I won’t be injured forever and there is always next year.

I finished the race and it took me about 35min. My sister had left already, so I grabbed some water and went on my way as well. All in all, it was a fun time and I will probably do this race again next year (and hopefully be able to do the run). And I was able to wear my race shirt to my Thanksgiving’s that day. Comfy and proud 🙂

If you raced on Thanksgiving, how did it go?

How early do you like to arrive before a race?

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