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Sweaty Saturday’s- Fast Times

I’m going to start documenting my weekly work outs here on Saturday’s. Obviously, because it is the last day of the week.

Last week was not a good running week. With my monthly visitor approaching, my runs were less than stellar. Going into this week, I definitely wanted to take things slower and enjoy my runs. Well, needless to say, my runs this week were 110% better and FASTER than last week.

Sunday: I lifted weights in my room because I was baking Christmas candy with Ryan’s family all day.

Monday: 5 miles at 9:30 pace. First day of Christmas break and this run felt really good.

Tuesday: 5.5 miles at 9:43 pace. I was going to 6, but stopped short at 5. Oh well.

Wednesday: 4 miles at 9:22 pace. I did 2 miles running, then 20 minutes on the elliptical, then 2 more miles running. Let’s just say my legs were DYING!

Thursday: 5 miles at 9:18 pace.

Friday: 3.1 miles at 8:46 pace. This was my first attempt at speedwork and it went really well! I did 6 x 800’s and in between 800’s I did 10 push-ups (regular, wall, incline), 30 crunches (standard, stability ball), 20 squats (regular, weighted). It was a lot of fun and I hope to incorporate that once a week!

Saturday: 2.5 miles at 8:54 pace. I just ran and increased the speed every half mile. Did some weights before and after.

Weekly miles: 25

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New Workout Routine

I am definitely loving my new workout routine. Like I said two posts ago, I wanted to incorporate strength training along with running. This has been going fantastic this week. I’m super optimistic about this new routine. My running has been awesome and my strength training is great as well.

With my new routine, I have been trying to do short, medium, and “long” runs. Before, I just ran for a long time every day. This wasn’t working for me because 1) it was a little boring 2) I knew that that wasn’t a good way to go about running and training and 3) I liked doing strength training but never felt like it after I ran for over an hour. I have now been basing my running length on my work schedule. If I work later in the day, I can do a little bit longer, like 8-9 miles. If I work in the afternoon, then I can do a medium run of 5-6 miles. And if I work in the morning, then I can do a short run of 4-5 miles. On the weekend, right now at least, I want to make it a medium run day. This has been working so great because I can plan my running schedule about 3 weeks in advance.

This week I have been having awesome paces. I have really been pushing myself in going faster, especially if it’s a short or medium run day.
Monday: Long run. 8.05 miles. 8:17 pace. Killer.
Tuesday: Short run. 4.51 miles. 8:12 pace. Holy cow.
Wednesday: Medium run. 6.06 miles. 8:17 pace.
Thursday: Medium run. 6.10 miles. 8:11 pace. Smokin’.

Tomorrow is another long run. Today was tough, but it felt so good. I was sweating buckets. Boyfriend was grossed out.

The strength training has been great too. I have doing it BEFORE running. This has worked out well because when I eat my breakfast, it needs to digest, for what seems like forever, or I will get really bad pain while I’m running and then I have to run to the bathroom. But doing weights first, I can digest, but still do part of my workout. Multitasking at its finest.

The weight training workouts I have been doing have been from the Women’s Health 15 min Workouts. I usually do two different workouts; mixing it up between Kettlebells, stability ball, and weights. Yesterday I did ab work and I am DEFINITELY feeling that today! Sore, sore, sore. But I am loving changing my body, and I know soreness is one way of change. Yay!

Do you do strength as well as cardio?

What is your favorite special equipment for strength training?
I am definitely loving the kettlebell. I bought it the other day and it’s great! Kettlebell swings=love 🙂

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