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Festival Foods Turkey Trot Race Recap

I ran in the Festival Food Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving day 2012 in Green Bay.

The Turkey Trot is sponsored by Festival Foods and is put in in multiple locations around Wisconsin (Appleton, Green Bay, LaCrosse, Eau Claire, Fond du Lac, Marshfield, Oshkosh, and Manitowoc). Last year I ran walked in the one in Menasha, which was changed to Appleton this year.

I signed up to run the 5 mile, along with Ryan, his sister and her husband. My sister did the 2 mile. We got to the race in plenty of time to walk to warm up, use the porta-potty and get to the start. It was quite warm that morning with just a little wind. I wore a long sleeve shirt, long sleeve zipper-up and pants and was rather warm. What started off as a really frustrating race ended very well. FORESHADOWING!!!

My time goal was 45 minutes. That seemed like a very reasonable time. We all started near the back of the pack and definitely paid for it the first mile or so. I had to dodge and come to a complete stop for walkers and dogs and kids. It was very frustrating. Ryan ran away and so did Trisha and Jesse. I caught up with Ryan eventually and passed him and then spotted Jesse and Trisha a little ways ahead.

About the halfway point I felt amazing. I really don’t know what happened but the people parted and I just couldn’t stop. I passed Trisha and Jesse and just ran and ran and going faster and faster. During these fast miles, I thought about what I was thankful for this year. My wonderful family, my amazing boyfriend, his family who has accepted me, going back to school, my health, and just overall happiness.

After running and running, the race was done and I finished in 43:46! Way faster than I anticipated! We regrouped and then headed home. I was very pleased with the results from this race. Another thing to be thankful for that day 🙂

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Gobble, Gobble, Hobble, Hobble

Happy Belated Thanksgiving! I hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving, full of food and family. I walked in the Festival Foods Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving and here is my recap.

I woke up at 6am Thursday morning and got my clothes ready. I wasn’t really too concerned about this race because I was going to do the 2 mile walk instead of the 5 mile run. My leg/butt still hurt whenever I walked or attempted to run, so I was going to switch when I got to the race.

We left the house at 6:35 and got to the race at 6:50. I’m liking running these races close to home. The email that was sent the day before said that we should get there early to beat lines and get good parking. Well, we got there PLENTY early. I picked up my bib and switched from the 5 mile to the 2 mile. That took all of about 10 min, so needless to say, we had a while to wait. We sat in the car and watched all the people come in. There was even a guy dressed up as a cob of corn! Mental note: next year, get festive head gear.

7:30 rolled around and I figured I should head towards the start. First I picked up my cute little pie. Then I was going to try and find my sister. Miraculously, I found her and her two friends that were running too. We stood around and chatted until the race was going to start. The only thing I didn’t like about this race was it was sort of unorganized. There were supposed to be three waves. Wave 1 was the 5 milers. Wave 2 was the 2 milers minus strollers and dogs. Wave 3 was the 2 milers with dogs and strollers. Only there wasn’t any direction on where the waves started and ended. There weren’t any announcements or anything, people just started lining up and going. So that was sort of confusing.

The race started and my sister and her friend took off running (jealous) and I started my walk. I didn’t want to do a leisurely walk because I didn’t want to take forever and I wanted to get some form of workout in. I got into my quick work pace and it was smooth sailing from there. My leg didn’t hurt that much and I really wanted to try running, but I didn’t want to hurt it more. So I stuck to my quick walk pace. Believe me though, I was really jealous of the runners. I just had to keep telling myself that I won’t be injured forever and there is always next year.

I finished the race and it took me about 35min. My sister had left already, so I grabbed some water and went on my way as well. All in all, it was a fun time and I will probably do this race again next year (and hopefully be able to do the run). And I was able to wear my race shirt to my Thanksgiving’s that day. Comfy and proud 🙂

If you raced on Thanksgiving, how did it go?

How early do you like to arrive before a race?

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Definitely Tapering

With the Turkey Trot on Thursday, I will be tapering my runs this week. But that’s pretty simple when you can’t run period.

I haven’t been able to run since Thursday because of my mystery injury. I have determined that it’s in my buttock and it is probably just a pulled muscle. But, it still hurts enough that I can’t run on it and I have been walking with a bit of a limp. Saturday I was going to try the elliptical, but my love/hate relationship with it stopped me (that could probably be another post), so I just did a lot of strength training and stretching. Work was a nightmare because I’m on my feet all day and it just kept getting worse as the day went on. That night I did some foam rolling and watched The Office. Sunday I took a rest day because I had Thanksgiving #1 and didn’t have time for anything. It didn’t hurt as bad but I was sitting most of the day. Today was more strength training and I tried the elliptical, but that even irritated it. Gah.

So, I guess this week will be mostly strength training and POSSIBLY some elliptical tomorrow, but I really don’t know. I just really hope I can run on Thursday.

Do you like using the elliptical?

What injuries have you sustained?

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Chain of Events


I signed up to run the Festival Foods Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day. I’m super pumped because my sister is running it too (she’s doing the 2 mile and I’m doing the 5). And these have been the chain of events that have happened since registering.

Wednesday: Last day to register for the cheap price. It really shouldn’t have taken me this long to register because I knew I wanted to do it, but for whatever reason, I procrastinated. Maybe that was a bad omen. We shall see. So registration, done and done.

Thursday: My running shoes are atrocious. They have a hole in one shoe and are so gross from sweat, not to mention they are four years old. So, since registering for the Turkey Trot, I figured I would ask for some new shoes for Christmas. Obviously, that doesn’t help with the race on Thanksgiving, but I can start the new running year off right. So I went shopping with my mom on Thursday and we went to Scheel’s to look at the running shoes. Awesome. I never tried on actual running shoes at a sports store, so this was exciting. I found a pair that I liked and I got to run on the treadmill to try them out. Good or bad idea, we will see. The shoes were super comfortable and I wanted to run out of the store wearing them. I pray for them for Christmas.

Friday: Hmmm, my back is feeling a little weird. Whatever, I have a short run scheduled anyway today. So I lifted my weights and then went to the basement to run. The first 1.5 miles were awesome. I was feeling good, watching Regis Philbin’s last show. This is going to be a great, short run. I turned up the pace a little and that’s when I got a pain in my back. It hurt so bad. I turned down the intensity, hoping it would go away. But, unfortunately, it did not. I walked the remaining .5 miles and was done. Even walking hurt. Oh. No.

So, unfortunate turn of events. I don’t know if my back hurt from the new shoes I tried (and by tried, I mean running for a whole minute) or what. But I really hope I am all healed by next Thursday. Tomorrow I think I’m going to do some weights and then try out the elliptical. Fingers crossed things go well.

Are you running a race on Thanksgiving?

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November: Starting Over


Where have I been the past month!? October is a pretty busy month because my bf is really into Halloween. So every weekend we were busy doing stufff with his hearse friends and the other days I work. I know these are all sad excuses, but it’s all I could come up with.

So, since my birthday was November 2nd, I’m using that as a way to sort of start this blog over, sort of. I really want to try and keep this updated. Clean slate.

November is going to be a good month. I have some big plans and Thanksgiving!

– First, there are two races that I want to run this month: The Turkey Trot and the Noodleini. The Turkey Trot is Thanksgiving morning and my sister is also running, so that would be fun to do with her. Although, she’s running the 2 mile and I would run the 5 mile. The Noodleini is sponsored by Noodles and Company (!) and it’s the Sunday after Thanksgiving. This one is either 3.1 miles or 9.3. I think I would do the 9.3.

– I’ve been running a lot of miles lately. But I’m not sure how WELL I have been running them. I want to start doing some weight training before (or after) my runs. In doing this, I want to scale back my runs and go for QUALITY rather than QUANTITY. I bought the Women’s Health book of 15 min workouts and I want to do two of those on days that I deem short running days and one workout on long running days. I feel that I stick with strength training when I have a set workout to do.

– I used to get up in the morning, pee, and then go and weigh myself. I haven’t been doing that lately, only weighing myself every other day; mainly to just keep my weight in check. And I know if I start weight training I might gain some weight in muscle. But I would rather weigh a little more and be muscular and toned, then skinny and a little flabby.

– Thanksgiving is this month! And I have THREE to attend! Yikes. I want to try and eat really well this month and have awesome workouts.

So those are things I want to keep in mind this month. I want to add more photos to my posts and encourage reader comments. I’ll end with a question…

How many Thanksgiving’s do you have to attend? Do all of your Thanksgiving’s involve turkey?
I have three Thanksgiving’s to attend: my moms family, my dads family and Barnaby’s family. Both of my Thanksgiving’s involve turkey and sometimes ham, but his Thanksgiving is lasgna. I’m not quite sure why. But I guess it sort of mixes things up 🙂

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