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2012: Running

2012 brought a whole new adventure in running. I went from not being able to run at all in January, to completing my first full marathon in September. A few injuries along the way, but a great running year.

Total miles ran: 915

Total races: 10

Awards won: 2


DSCN4936Run 4 Home. Second in age group

Oshkosh 5k.

Fox Firecracker 5k. 5k PR

Packers 5k. Ran with my sister.


Festival Foods Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving


Bellin Run


Noodleini 15k


Cellcom Half-Marathon

Cheesehead Half-Marathon. 2nd in age group


Fox Cities Marathon.

The majority of my races this year were ran in the summer and this summer in Wisconsin was HOT! It seemed like every time I had a race it was ridiculously hot. I did a lot of my training in the afternoon after work, which I think helped in these races because it was obviously hotter in the afternoon. Most of my runs took place on the Fox River Trail, either near my house or in DePere. I also ran quite a bit on Saturday’s with my running group.

I had a great racing season in 2012 and I expect 2013 to bring even BIGGER races and accomplishments 😉

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Festival Foods Turkey Trot Race Recap

I ran in the Festival Food Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving day 2012 in Green Bay.

The Turkey Trot is sponsored by Festival Foods and is put in in multiple locations around Wisconsin (Appleton, Green Bay, LaCrosse, Eau Claire, Fond du Lac, Marshfield, Oshkosh, and Manitowoc). Last year I ran walked in the one in Menasha, which was changed to Appleton this year.

I signed up to run the 5 mile, along with Ryan, his sister and her husband. My sister did the 2 mile. We got to the race in plenty of time to walk to warm up, use the porta-potty and get to the start. It was quite warm that morning with just a little wind. I wore a long sleeve shirt, long sleeve zipper-up and pants and was rather warm. What started off as a really frustrating race ended very well. FORESHADOWING!!!

My time goal was 45 minutes. That seemed like a very reasonable time. We all started near the back of the pack and definitely paid for it the first mile or so. I had to dodge and come to a complete stop for walkers and dogs and kids. It was very frustrating. Ryan ran away and so did Trisha and Jesse. I caught up with Ryan eventually and passed him and then spotted Jesse and Trisha a little ways ahead.

About the halfway point I felt amazing. I really don’t know what happened but the people parted and I just couldn’t stop. I passed Trisha and Jesse and just ran and ran and going faster and faster. During these fast miles, I thought about what I was thankful for this year. My wonderful family, my amazing boyfriend, his family who has accepted me, going back to school, my health, and just overall happiness.

After running and running, the race was done and I finished in 43:46! Way faster than I anticipated! We regrouped and then headed home. I was very pleased with the results from this race. Another thing to be thankful for that day 🙂

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Racing Thoughts

Why is this girl so gosh-darn happy?

Because she can run on this and not hurt!!

I’m so excited to FINALLY be able to run again! I haven’t been able to run since November (read about it here and here). I think it was my forced rest days from when I had to go to the hospital. But whatever it was, I’m back running and I couldn’t be happier! 🙂

Since I’m able to run again, I’ve been looking up races and getting really excited about the nice weather coming. There are about three big races here in Northeast Wisconsin/Fox Cities: the Cellcom Green Bay Marathon, the Bellin Run, and the Fox Cities Marathon. This year, I want to do them all. I think I’m ready for the challenge.

The Cellcom Green Bay Marathon is first up in May and has a 5k, a Half Marathon, and a full Marathon. I’m going to do the Half Marathon. I’ve got my training schedule all ready and I started today. I also want to sign up for two 5k’s in April to get myself ready for racing.

I’ve really only done one race and that was a 5k last October (read the recap here ). I also did the Turkey Trot in November (recap here). But that was when I was hurt so I just walked in the 2mile.

I learned to love cross training these passed 5 months when I was hurt and couldn’t run. I had a love/hate relationship with my elliptical beforehand, but that was my main form of exercise for those months. Strength training also played a key role in my exercising. And, thanks to Netflix Instant Stream, I recently started doing Pilates. I would also love to bike, so maybe I can pick up that this summer. I know when I was running before I got hurt, I ran every day for long periods of time and I think my body was just tired of running all those miles. It needed other forms of exercising too. Now, after my running hiatus, I know the importance of cross-training and the rest your body needs. I definitely included rest days and cross-training days into my half-marathon schedule.

Normally, I don’t run outside, just because I don’t have any decent areas to run, but hopefully, as the weather gets nicer, I can take a few runs to the outdoors. I know that will help me get better with racing as well. Maybe I can find a GPS watch to help with that to give some motivation 🙂

My summer is looking pretty busy with racing activities, zoo trips, my boyfriends wrestling events, and family functions. If all goes well (and I don’t get injured again), it will be a very eventful (and hopefully rewarding) summer.

Have you started planning your summer races?

Are there any “big” races in the area you live?

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Chain of Events


I signed up to run the Festival Foods Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day. I’m super pumped because my sister is running it too (she’s doing the 2 mile and I’m doing the 5). And these have been the chain of events that have happened since registering.

Wednesday: Last day to register for the cheap price. It really shouldn’t have taken me this long to register because I knew I wanted to do it, but for whatever reason, I procrastinated. Maybe that was a bad omen. We shall see. So registration, done and done.

Thursday: My running shoes are atrocious. They have a hole in one shoe and are so gross from sweat, not to mention they are four years old. So, since registering for the Turkey Trot, I figured I would ask for some new shoes for Christmas. Obviously, that doesn’t help with the race on Thanksgiving, but I can start the new running year off right. So I went shopping with my mom on Thursday and we went to Scheel’s to look at the running shoes. Awesome. I never tried on actual running shoes at a sports store, so this was exciting. I found a pair that I liked and I got to run on the treadmill to try them out. Good or bad idea, we will see. The shoes were super comfortable and I wanted to run out of the store wearing them. I pray for them for Christmas.

Friday: Hmmm, my back is feeling a little weird. Whatever, I have a short run scheduled anyway today. So I lifted my weights and then went to the basement to run. The first 1.5 miles were awesome. I was feeling good, watching Regis Philbin’s last show. This is going to be a great, short run. I turned up the pace a little and that’s when I got a pain in my back. It hurt so bad. I turned down the intensity, hoping it would go away. But, unfortunately, it did not. I walked the remaining .5 miles and was done. Even walking hurt. Oh. No.

So, unfortunate turn of events. I don’t know if my back hurt from the new shoes I tried (and by tried, I mean running for a whole minute) or what. But I really hope I am all healed by next Thursday. Tomorrow I think I’m going to do some weights and then try out the elliptical. Fingers crossed things go well.

Are you running a race on Thanksgiving?

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